College Essentials You Absolutely Need to Pack First ...

As I see the next group of seniors about to graduate, I reflect on getting ready for college and stressing about college essentials. What exactly do you need? So I started looking up lists, and I found ridiculous things, such as toilet paper. Don’t worry, your dorm will provide those things! Living in a dorm is really different, and even if you are lucky enough to live in a single, you will need to cut down on a lot of your essentials. Here are some things that I consider my college essentials:

1. Storage!

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Storage boxes and plastic organizers are always on the top of my list of college essentials. By now, I have accumulated over twenty gigantic boxes that are filled with clothes, stuffed animals sent to me by my boyfriend, and lots of junk. Putting your extra or unnecessary things into a box is much better than just leaving it out. Get some bed risers (some dorm beds are really low) so you can fit more under your bed. If you have a spacious closet, put some boxes in there, too. And if you’re like me, seek out a few friends who have some extra space or rent a storage locker. Some colleges offer on-campus storage, and you can store a certain number of boxes in the basement.

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