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For some students, it’s nearly impossible to understand the Common Application! The Common Application, or Common App as you might often hear it called, is an online application widely-used by American colleges and some European universities. It’s important to understand the Common Application fully before you begin applying through it, so read these tips on how to do just that!

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Sit down with Your Parents

Even if your parents didn’t attend college, they can help you understand the Common Application. Having two sets of eyes is always better than having one, especially when it comes to something as important as your Common Application. Plus, there is a section on the Common App that requires parent information, and there may be other questions you don’t understand. So before you set out to tackle this application, make sure you have your mom or dad by your side.


Make a Resume

The Common App requires a lot of information, information that might be hard to summon up all at once. To make things easier on yourself, write an academic resume before you begin applying to colleges and universities. An academic resume can help organize your thoughts, and help you figure out how to make yourself sound the most impressive. Once your resume is complete, simply transfer the information onto your Common App!


Follow the Links

The Common App doesn’t leave you just to wonder at what you’re supposed to do all on your own. The makers of the Common App understand that this is a confusing process for many teens, so they provide links to instructions given in greater detail. When filling out your Common Application, make sure you click on the links around the margin of the web page. Follow them to find the answers to frequently asked questions about the application process.


Visit Your College's Website

The colleges you want to attend will have loads of information on applying! Look for their pages designed for freshman applicants and you'll find checklists for all you need to do on the Common App website and beyond to get yourself accepted!


Take Your Time

It's infinitely important that you take your time filling out the Common App! Rushing the process can lead to mistakes that are easily avoidable when you take your time with your application. When you rush filling out the Common Application, it’s easy to skip over steps you may not notice or totally understand. Speeding through your Common App is a regrettable decision, so slow and steady really does win the race!


Triple Check Your Application

Along with taking your time, it’s important to review your application in order to avoid silly mistakes. Double and triple checking your application can’t hurt, and the more you go over it the better you will understand it! So before you rush to hit submit and release this weight from your chest, make sure you go over your application as many times as possible!


Talk to Your Counselor

It’s your counselor’s job to help you understand everything college-related. If you're bursting with questions, and the internet isn't helping, schedule an appointment with your counselor. He or she will be happy to help you make sense of this confusing process!

Overall, understanding the Common Application won’t be easy on your own. But if you seek help from trusted adults, use all of your resources, and take your sweet time going over the application, you should be good to go! What confuses you most about the Common App? How to you manage to understand it?

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