7 Types of Friends to Make in High School ...

You’ll make tons of friends during high school, but some types of friends will have a greater impact on your life. Some friends will last a lifetime, and others will simply shape your personality now before you go your separate ways. But there are certain types of friends you should definitely make in high school, to ensure that you have the best high school experience possible!

1. The over Achiever

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One of the greatest types of friends you can make in high school is an over achiever. I have many over-achiever friends, and they all motivate me to be better every day! Your friend the over achiever is the one who never settles for second place. She makes the varsity sports team, gets elected class president, aces all of her classes, and has laser focus once she gets her eyes on the prize! With a friend like that influencing you, you’ll never stop working hard in everything you do!

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