7 Clubs to Join at Your High School ...

No matter where you live, I'm certain there are tons of clubs to join at your high school. These clubs will please all different personality types and interests. you just have to find which one is right for you! So before you graduate, you should check out these clubs to join at your high school, because you just might find a place where you belong!

1. Speech and Debate

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One of the best clubs to join at your high school is speech and debate. Not only does this club look great on college applications, it also teaches you valuable life skills! In speech and debate, you'll be forced to learn how to defend yourself using nothing but sheer brain power! You may find that you're a gifted debater, but if not don't worry! The best thing about trying out clubs at school is that you won't find yourself in a hostile environment. Everyone there wants you to do your best and grow as a young woman!

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