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7 Types of Friends to Make in High School ...

By Sabrina

You’ll make tons of friends during high school, but some types of friends will have a greater impact on your life. Some friends will last a lifetime, and others will simply shape your personality now before you go your separate ways. But there are certain types of friends you should definitely make in high school, to ensure that you have the best high school experience possible!

1 The over Achiever

The over AchieverOne of the greatest types of friends you can make in high school is an over achiever. I have many over-achiever friends, and they all motivate me to be better every day! Your friend the over achiever is the one who never settles for second place. She makes the varsity sports team, gets elected class president, aces all of her classes, and has laser focus once she gets her eyes on the prize! With a friend like that influencing you, you’ll never stop working hard in everything you do!

2 The Wild One

The Wild OneOpposite of your over achieving friend will be your wild friend, who sees life as one big party! The wild one will text you on the weekends, begging for you to paint the town red with her! She’s the socialite who makes sure you don’t forget to tend to your social life in high school. While I wouldn’t recommend doing everything your wild friend does, you shouldn’t hesitate to let her into your life. She’ll teach you how to really have fun and make the most of your youth!


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3 The Moral Compass

The Moral CompassWe all need a moral compass in high school to keep us from carelessly derailing our lives. High school is full of temptations, but it’s also full of great opportunities to make the world a better place. Your moral compass is the friend who spends her weekends volunteering at a hospital, or who started a community service club at school. Odds are you won’t often catch the moral compass and the wild one in the same crowd, but it’s important to have balance. You should have as much fun as you can during your teenage years, but your moral compass will remind you that not everything you can do is something you should do.

4 The Good Listener

The Good ListenerThe over achiever, the wild one, and the moral compass are all great friends to have, but they can also be pretty talkative... That’s why another type of friend you need is a good listener. The good listener is the one you call after an awkward first date, or after an impossible midterm! She’ll listen to everything you have to say, and only offer advice when it’s absolutely necessary. Talking to someone who enjoys listening to you will remind you that everything you say is valuable, and will actually help you get to know yourself better!

5 The BookWorm

The BookWormWith your friend the bookworm, you’ll never have a dull conversation. She’ll always have something to say about her latest literary obsession. While other people may think she’s nerdy, you adore her for her imaginative mind and creative spirit. A bookworm is most definitely going places, because she's always exercising her brain! A word of advice when it comes to bookworms, read every book they lend you. This will connect you on a deeper level, and give you great conversation topics!

6 The Wise One

The Wise OneYour wise friend is the one you can turn to in any life crisis. Whether you’re struggling with what college to apply to, or what color to paint your nails, your wise friend will offer you great advice! While she doesn’t know everything, she sure seems to! Somehow, this friend has been blessed with great understanding, and she can tackle nearly all of life’s questions! If she wants to, she can help you out of virtually any difficult situation you find yourself in.

7 Your Other Half

Your Other HalfYour other half is the friend that you can’t imagine your life without. You’ll wonder how you ever survived without her by your side, and probably stay friends for a long time after graduation because of that. You two will develop more inside jokes than you do with your other friends, and share more memories. Find your other half and find them fast! Because high school will not be nearly as enjoyable without them!

One of the most important components of high school is the friends you’ll make. I know that my life would not be complete without the wonderful friends I have, especially at my school. What types of friends have you made in high school? What type of friend are you?

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