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All throughout high school, I’ve searched for the most helpful tips for being a better student. In modern times, it’s hardly ever enough just to be book-smart, musical, a leader or athletic; today, if you want to get into your top pick university, you have to shine in several aspects of your education. These tips for being a better student will help make sure your application stands out come college admission time, and provide you with a more complete high school experience.

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Read More

One of the greatest tips for being a better student is simply this- read more. Reading helps give you great perspective on the world around you, as well as expands your imagination. No matter what you read, you’re bound to grow as a person and a student. The more you read, the faster and better you’ll get at it, which will help you exponentially in class and on timed tests.


Take Advantage of Office Hours

Any time that you know your teacher is available, go in and take advantage of their office hours. Always make sure you ask questions and seek advice on important assignments, as this will help your grades. More importantly though, you’ll learn the important skill of handling business on your own and on your own time. Your parents won’t always be there to hold your hand, and in college you’ll need to make the most of office hours too, so it’s good to start practicing now!


Join Clubs

Many people love clubs and consider them the best part of the high school experience. Clubs are a great place to meet new people with whom you have a lot in common! You’ll learn more every day you spend in the club, and forge friendships that will benefit you in and out of school. Additionally, you’ll have opportunities to run for officer positions such as President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Leading others is an invaluable skill that will aid you not only in your academic endeavors, but also in your future in the workforce.


Form Study Groups

Even if you think you don’t “play well with others,” you should consider forming a study group. Of course, studying more will earn you better grades, but study groups are great for so much more than that! Study groups allow you to hone your people-skills, and learn how to “play well with others” in a comfortable environment, with the people you choose! Down the road, you won’t regret forming a study group in high school, and you’ll be a better student because of it.


Take Notes

This seems like a relatively simple concept. When in class, write down what your teacher says, then you’ll have a better chance at remembering it. However, it’s rarely that simple. There are distractions everywhere in class, coming from our phones, our friends, and people outside in the halls. In order to truly absorb what you’re learning and become a better student, it’s your responsibility to crack down and take notes, with laser focus. You will see your test scores improve as well as feel smarter!


Be Healthy

Being healthy doesn’t mean a diet of carrot sticks and broccoli. It also doesn’t mean pushing your body to its breaking point while exercising. Being healthy means eating a balanced diet, getting over 8 hours of sleep nightly, and staying active throughout the week. In addition, you should always practice safe sex, avoid abusing illegal substances, and always remember to love yourself! As a growing young woman, these things need to be your priorities, and if you want to be a successful student they are especially important so that you can focus on schoolwork without worrying constantly.


Try New Things

Another key component to being a better all around student is trying new things! In my opinion, that is what high school is designed for. You should try new sports, clubs, classes, and learning strategies to figure out who you are. Doing so will not only open up new doors of opportunity around every corner, but also show colleges how versatile you are. You’ll never improve as a student unless you try something new and actually allow yourself to improve!

Being a shining student should be one of every teenage girl’s goals. What ways do you try to be a better student? Which of these tips helped you the most?

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