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If you've registered for an AP math class, I already consider you a brave soul! Like any AP class, your AP math class will challenge you every day, forcing you to think analytically and creatively. In order to make sure your class is simply challenging, not grueling, follow these tips!

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Ask Questions

In an AP math class, this may seem especially difficult, if you feel like you're in a room full of your school's best and brightest. But guess what- you're just as bright as them, so odds are they are just as confused as you! Whenever you have a question, at least ten other students are wondering the same thing, so don't hesitate to raise your hand and ask for some clarification.


Get Study Books

The entire purpose of AP math courses is to prepare you for the AP test in May but attending class every day isn't necessarily enough. If you want to succeed in your class, you should purchase study books and attempt the practice tests they contain as your test date nears. Plus, reading the review chapters throughout the year will help you earn a good grade.


YouTube Videos

I owe much of my success in AP math classes to the Internet! Your teacher does his or her best to teach you, but sometimes they just aren't right for your learning style. You can find dozens of teachers on YouTube with cyber-lessons that may be more conducive to your learning style.


Get Tutored

Private tutors can be extremely helpful when you're struggling in any class, especially a math class where you may need more individual attention. However, they can also be pretty pricey. Because of this, investigate if there are any teachers - including yours - willing to stay after school or come in before a few times a week to give you the one-on-one help you need!


Teach Others

For me, the most effective way to learn has always been to teach. When you teach others, you reinforce what you have already learned, as well as put pressure on yourself not to make mistakes. If you think tutoring others would help improve your skills, you should find a comfortable environment in which you can teach your peers, such as in a study group.


Take It Seriously

AP math classes are no joke; they're fast paced and mentally taxing. Additionally, your success on the AP test can mean you'll get college credit for the course. Keep in mind the weight of your AP math class and take it seriously; you're bound to be more successful if you do!



In high school classes, distractions run amok! It's easy to lose focus when your teacher is lecturing, but you simply can't give into temptation! Do whatever you can to keep your attention on the day's lesson. For tips on how to stay focused in class, check out this article: teen.allwomenstalk.com

No one ever said passing an AP math class would be easy, but the fact that you've even registered for the class means you're a special breed of teenager! If you're driven by the desire to earn an A in the class and a 5 on the test, then succeeding in the class will be much easier! Additionally, following these tips will help. What other tips do you think students in AP math classes should follow?

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High school Sophomore here and have taken 2 college math classes now. Best thing to do is get help as soon as you need it and study. Also YouTube is amazing.

I'm a Sophomore in high school, and will be taking college math during my first semester as a Junior. Oh boy!

I took ap calculus this last year and it was the worst thing of my life. I actually cried in class.

The best way to learn math is to do math. It isn't enough to read the text and your notes, you have to work problems and a lot of them.

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