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The Key to Making the Most of Freshman Year ...

By Sabrina

It’s of the utmost importance that you try to make the most of freshman year! You’re only a freshman once, and it should be an amazing experience! But aside from having the time of your life, there’s some business you must attend to if you want to make the most of freshman year.

1 Attend Homecoming

You can’t miss your first high school dance, can you? Well, you can, but odds are that down the road, you’ll regret it! The first step toward making the most of freshman year is getting involved with all the classic high school things, beginning with Homecoming Dance.

2 Talk to Strangers

You will probably encounter plenty of strangers during freshman year. But don't automatically ignore them just because you don't know them, or because they dress/look different than your old friends. You never know who is going to be your best friend! So interact with lots of people you haven't met before and keep an open mind.

3 Learn Study Strategies

You'll be in high school for the next four years, and it isn't going to get any easier! Freshman year is the perfect time for you to learn valuable study strategies that will help you throughout the years. Find out the best study methods for you and stick with them in order to be successful.

4 Join Clubs

Hopefully, your new school offers a host of clubs that will take your high school experience to the next level! Join as many clubs as you can your freshman year; if you drop out of them later, it’s okay. Freshman year is all about trying new things and meeting new people. What better place to do that than in an after school club?

5 Try New Things

Aside from clubs, there are a number of other new things you can try during your freshman year! From new foods to new fashions to new classes, there are countless avenues you can take toward discovering who you are! If you never try anything new, how will you grow and transform? If there’s one thing you want to avoid in high school it’s getting labeled, and the key to doing so is remaining in a constant state of change.

6 Focus on the Positive

You’ve probably heard horror stories about high school- apathetic teachers, mean girls, bullies, rumors, the works. If you haven’t heard these from older siblings or cousins, you’ve definitely seen them in the movies! But “Mean Girls” is not the most accurate portrayal of high school. High school is a place of learning, adventuring, talking, and flirting! Focus on these positive features of high school before you enter and during your freshman year, then you’re guaranteed a happier experience.

7 Shop

I don’t have to tell you twice to do this, do I? But shopping really is a crucial component to creating an amazing freshman year. Your high school wardrobe will, whether you like it or not, define your image. Because of that, either try to find a style unique and personal to you, or collect an eclectic wardrobe that will always keep your peers guessing!

Freshman year is a year to be excited for! Junior high- everyone’s awkward stage- is finally over and it’s time for more freedom and more fun! What about freshman year excites you the most?

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