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Graduating is a very exciting time in a teenager's life, but there are definitely things you need to do before you graduate high school. You only have four years in there, make them count! I definitely counted down the days to graduation, so much that I missed how quickly it all happened. Trust me, you'd be surprised at how fast four years go by. If you think you won't end up missing it, you're wrong. You'll miss high school. So, before you graduate high school, try to do some of these fun things!

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Start a Band

Even if you have zero musical abilities, pick something up and try. Get a group of friends, pick a silly name, and perform. Who knows, you might even become the next big thing! If you try something new like music, you might end up falling in love with it. This could be something you all continue even after graduation. A bond that cannot be broken, right? All it takes is one silly YouTube vid to go viral, and boom, everyone's talking about you. This is definitely something to do before you graduate high school!


Show Your School Spirit

Sure, school sucks sometimes. But when you graduate from it, you're going to miss everything about it. The halls, the lockers, the football field, everything! So, don't waste any time before showing your school spirit. Show up to that pep rally or game in your school colors! Make it something you and a bunch of friends could do! Spirit week at school is always the funnest part of the year.


Join a Club or Sport

If you're shy, joining a club or sport is the best way to make friends. Everyone already shares the same interest as you, so all you have to do is speak up! It's an awesome way to feel united with other people and you might even pick up a few trophies for the school. I met some of my best friends from high school through clubs and activities!


Get Your License

Getting your driver's license is a rite of passage. I remember passing my test, senior year, and being so excited to drive to school. It makes you feel just a little bit more grown up than you actually are. Plus, having your license your senior year will definitely score you some cool points!


Be Weird with Your Friends

You're young. Be wild and free! Sit at a diner with your BFF and make silly faces, go to a mall and dance to the music playing. Do whatever it is you want to do. Be weird, be yourself. You're too young to try and be a grown up. Worry about that in college!


Get Fancy for Prom

Please don't be one of those kids who think they're too cool to go to their senior prom. You'll always wish you did go. Prom is an awesome thing to look back on once you graduate. It's a cool way to really say goodbye to school and an opportunity to get all dressed up and party with your friends. Oh, and take lots and lots of pictures! It might seem annoying trying to capture every moment, but you'll be glad you did a few years later.


Prank Your School

What's funnier than a senior prank?! Now, I'm not condoning something extremely crazy, just something fun, something the entire senior class can be a part of! It'd be an awesome way to end the school year.

There you have it! These are just a few of the many things you should do before graduating high school. Which one have you already done? Which one will you be doing this year?

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* more fun

Most sophomores have their license.

And what do you do if you have no friends to be weird with or a guy to go to prom with

you don't need a boy to have fun

I went to grad without a guy and had tones of fun with my friends....if ur in Canada...prom is the date one and grad dinner dance is the friend one...I skipped out on prom :) don't regret it one bit.

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