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7 Important Reasons to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle in High School ...

By Sabrina

I know tons of teenagers who overlook the reasons to adopt a healthy lifestyle while they’re still young. They think that diet and exercise are just for their moms and dads, and that with their speedy metabolisms, they can munch on junk food all day and not gain a pound! But don’t be that teenage girl who ignores all of the reasons to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It won’t be easy to choose broccoli and carrots over brownies and ice cream, but here’s why it’ll certainly be worth it!

1 You’re Still Growing

One of the key reasons to adopt a healthy lifestyle when you’re young is that you’re still growing. Teenage girls may not stop growing until around 18 or 19 yeas old. So it's important to nourish your body as you transition from teen to adult, just as you needed to when you were a little girl.

2 You’ll Have More Energy

Healthy foods as well as exercise will provide you with lots of energy! And as a teen you need energy to get through all of your daily activities, from uncontrolled body processes like breathing to studying for finals! It’s hard to get enough energy as it is, and it wouldn’t be wise to get dependent on caffeine when you’re young. So next time you’re feeling drowsy, do a few minutes of cardio or eat some fruit to get that boost you need!

3 Set a Precedent

By beginning to lead a healthy lifestyle at a young age, you’ll set a precedent for how you should live for the rest of your life! If you get accustomed to eating right and exercising daily now, you won’t have to do that later. Because as they say, old habits die hard, so the longer you remain a junk-food junkie, the more difficult it will be to change your ways in the future.

4 Discover Healthy Activities

When all of your afternoons don’t consist of you sitting on the couch watching hours and hours of television, you’ll discover healthy activities that you enjoy and are passionate about! You may find that you’re a great long distance runner, a master hula-hooper, or a total yogi! And these skills can help you throughout the rest of your life as well as become your favorite healthy pastime. So if you’re looking for a reason to start living healthy now, simply consider your happiness!

5 Perform Better in School

Going for a run before school can prepare your brain for the school day, and wrapping up the morning with a breakfast of blueberries and nuts can improve your memory. But being healthy doesn’t just include physical wellness. Becoming healthier also means that you’ll take care of your mental health by methods such as practicing yoga or simply playing brain games. A well balanced, healthy individual is physically, spiritually, and mentally healthy. And these are the types of people who perform well in school too!

6 Motivate Your Friends

I guarantee that once you start living healthier, your friends will see the amazing changes in your life and want to know your secret! Teens are notorious for following the latest trend, which isn’t always a good thing but in this case is a great thing! Since you love and care about your friends, you should want them to live long and healthy lives just like you! And they’ll be more likely to do so if they have you as their role model.

7 Sleep Better

Another reason to adopt a healthy lifestyle in high school is that you’ll sleep better after making healthy changes to your daily routine. Imagine going to bed at the end of a long day of walking instead of driving to school, lifting weights instead of Tweeting, and winding down by practicing yoga instead of watching TV. Your body will feel wiped out- but in a good way- and it will be eager to fall into a good night’s sleep! That way the next day you’ll wake up slightly sore, but mostly refreshed and replenished!

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is something many people put off until their adult years, but is something that you should consider now before you get too set in any unhealthy habits you may have. You don’t need to diet when you're young, or come up with massive weight loss goals, but you should try to begin living healthier. What’s your motivation for being healthy at such a young age?

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