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It’s difficult to find self confidence boosting tips for girls that actually work. It takes a lot of commitment and concious effort to gain confidence in yourself, especially when you’re young and the whole world seems to be pitted against you. But if you follow these self confidence boosting tips, as well as stop comparing yourself to unrealistic standards, you’ll learn to love yourself so much more! And loving yourself is one of the greatest traits you can develop when you’re young.

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Find Something You’re Good at

Everyone is good at something, and believe it or not you’re no exception to that rule! That’s why of the simplest self confidence boosting tips I can offer you is to find something that you’re good at and stick with it. When you realize that you’re capable of creating something wonderful, you’ll become infinitely more confident! As a teenager, you may think that working at things you’re good at is something you only have to do when you’re older and start your career. But if you discover your gift now, confidence will be headed your way!


Stop Assuming People Don’t like You

When I see people looking at me, sometimes I automatically assume they’re thinking something awful about me. I figure they must be criticising my outfit, my hair, or even the way I walk. But really, they’re just looking at me! It’s only natural for teens to assume that people think the worst of them, but you’ll be more confident once you realize that that isn’t the case. If you catch someone staring at you, tell yourself that they’re jealous of you, or simply adoring the way you look. Because odds are, they’re doing just that!


Get to Know Yourself

You are an incredible human being. Simply existing is a wonderful thing, and you’re doing it very well! But you’re still growing up, and still need to get better acquainted with yourself. Since you’re such a great person, why wouldn’t you wish to get to know yourself better? Once you do, you’ll see that you’re nothing short of amazing! This will certainly boost your confidence as you learn just how fabulous you truly are!


Talk to Yourself

I know it sounds strange, but talking to yourself is a great way to boost your self confidence. Just like getting to know yourself better does wonders for your confidence, talking to yourself will do the same thing. If you want to be more confident, you should stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself all of the attributes you love about yourself. At first, if you’re a little insecure, it may be difficult to come up with ideas, but once you begin acknowledging all the great things about you, it will be hard to stop!


Set and Achieve Goals

When you set goals for yourself and then achieve them, you’re sure to boost your confidence. They don’t have to be huge goals, like “Get into Yale” or “Make a varsity team”. They can be simple goals, like passing a test or joining a new club. When you accomplish these goals, you’ll be amazed by how much more confident you are in yourself!


Dress Nicely

Dressing nicely is one of the simplest ways teens can boost their self confidence. When you dress nicely, you’ll get more compliments, which never hurts, but you’ll also feel better. You’ll walk a little taller and hold your head a little higher, proudly acknowledging that you look fabulous! While our generation’s style may scream casual sweat pants and messy hair, dressing up for school or on the weekends is never wasted on a girl’s confidence!


Accept Compliments

I often find myself brushing off compliments when they come my way. I figure “Oh, they’re just saying that” instead of accepting the compliment as it's offered. But a true sign of self-confidence is the ability to graciously accept compliments. Even if you don’t believe a person when they compliment you, thank them anyway and don’t deny it! Because eventually, after accepting so much praise, you’ll begin to really believe what they say.

We’ve all struggled with insecurities in the past. Sometimes we cover it with arrogance, sometimes with depression, but once we face the fact that insecurity is blocking the road to self confidence, it’s fairly easy to learn to love yourself. If you’re a teenage girl struggling to be confident in who you are, what other tips do you abide by in your life? And if you’re an adult who's braved adolescence before, what wise words do you have to offer insecure teenage girls?

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