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Even among the hipsters, the geeks, the jocks and the wallflowers, there are a few things all teenage girls love, though they don’t always admit it! You begin to develop you’re own unique style and personality in high school, but that doesn’t mean you’re completely different from the girls around you. There’s no shame in admiring the things all teenage girls love; it doesn’t mean you’re unoriginal or a follower. It just means you’re a normal teenage girl!

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Since Twilight hit the culture so hard with the sparkling, drop-dead-gorgeous undead a few years ago, it seems like one of the things all teenage girls love is vampires! You may deny it in front of your non-conformist friends, but we all secretly love these pale supernatural beauties! And why is that exactly? I personally believe it's because we’re so young and want to stay that way forever. And there's nothing wrong with feeling that way! You can try to counter the culture if you want to, but when no one’s home and Twilight is on TV, don’t you watch it?



Teenage girls probably love shopping because we don’t get to dress up Barbies any more, so we dress up ourselves! Plus, when your mom hands you her credit card, don’t you automatically imagine buying dozens of dresses at Forever 21? Having the desire to shop till you drop is common among teenage girls, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re superficial. It’s only natural to want to buy as many clothes as you can before you have to start spending money on college tuition, taxes, and bills.


Disney Movies

During that transition from childhood to teen, I noticed many of my friends "dissing" Disney movies. But once they left the pre-teen stage, they all fell back in love with Disney movies! All teenage girls love Disney movies, even though at times it feels childish. But Disney movies make us nostalgic and, let's face it, wish upon a star for our own Prince Charming!



Unless you're allergic, you probably love chocolate! Most teenage girls love chocolate for a number of reasons. It's a common craving that mother nature hands to you once every month, but in general it boosts your mood by affecting serotonin and blood sugar levels, both of which make you feel really good! Plus, chocolate tastes divine! So there's no shame in indulging in a few brownies here and there, because it's only natural for teenage girls to become chocolate addicts! You can learn more about all the reasons girls love chocolate here: fitday.com.



Even if you'd never be caught dead at a school dance, I'd bet that you sometimes have your own private dance parties at home! When no one's watching, many teenage girls turn up the radio and rock out. Dancing gives you a sort of natural high that no teen can resist! So there's no shame in putting on your high heels and dancing up a storm to a loud pop song!

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You may be the girl who bashfully denies compliments when they're offered, but deep down, part of you loves receiving them! All teenage girls want to be noticed and admired for who they are. At a stage in your life filled with self-doubt and insecurity, it's a wonderful feeling to have someone compliment you. So next time someone praises the way you look or behave, don't be hesitant to confidently and gracefully thank them!


Getting Pampered

What teenage girl doesn’t love getting pampered? I’m not a very touchy person, but I never say no to a mani-pedi! Getting pampered is a great feeling we all enjoy. It makes you feel more beautiful, important, and confident. No matter who's pampering you, whether it's a professional at the spa or your sweetheart on your anniversary, you can't deny that you love it!

We don't always like to admit it, but sometimes stereotypes are remarkably accurate, especially about teenage girls. We all go through relatively similar experiences, both internally and externally, so it's only natural that we'd share many likes and dislikes. What on this list do you absolutely love? What are some things you and your girlfriends can't get enough of?

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I hate going shopping I find it so stressful everyone pushing each other to get just a glimpse of the sales

100 percent correct!!!

Funny, I starred this right before I saw vampires haha

not 100% accurate at all. I'm not into vampires, shopping, dancing or disney movies

I think we all get that most of these are completely wrong. Just like I hate starbucks, icecream, and almost all of this except for compliments. Being pampered is too much for me, I prefer to go on adventures. I hate shopping, and vampires are just a trend (Though I do like Lost Boys

I'm pretty sure these are just the stereotypes for teenage girls...

I don't agree with most,I hate chocolate

Eww I hate vampires. More of a werewolf person.

Is this meant in the funny section ? Lol

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