7 Things All Teenage Girls Fear That You Can Stop Worrying about ...


There are certain things all teenage girls fear, no matter where you live or how you were raised. Adolescence is a scary time, because you get your first taste of independence. But these things all teenage girls fear aren’t really anything you need to worry about. Sure, you’ll always have moments when these things overwhelm you, but in general, it’s important to keep in mind that your teenage years are simply a short chapter in your very long life, and the fears you have now are easily conquered.

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Rejection is definitely one of the things all teenage girls fear. Some of us are more confident than others and take bold actions at this time, but to a certain degree, we all fear rejection. Rejection can come in various shapes and sizes, from getting rejected from your dream college, to having a guy reject your invite to a ladies’ choice dance. But it’s important not to get caught up in rejection. As a teenager, it’s easy to begin to think that your life will be full of nothing but rejection, but that simply isn’t the case! You have a whole world of yes waiting for you!



If you're in a relationship, I'm sure you've feared getting your heart broken at times. Teenagers can be so unpredictable and impulsive, that it seems like more things can go wrong than will go right in a relationship! But you shouldn't get caught up worrying about the possibility of heartbreak; instead focus on the good times you have with your special someone. Even if you're single, you may fear heartbreak. Not having your crush like you back, or feeling like no one is interested in you is a form of heartbreak as well. Either way, you're not the only one living with these fears, but you don't need to worry about them constantly.



Rumors are a very present danger in high school, because they spread like wildfire, but you shouldn’t be too afraid of them. While rumors about you may surface and inevitably hurt your feelings, they won’t hurt your reputation as much as you might think. I’ve had rumors about me circulate before, but, knowing they weren’t true, I was able to assure my close friends that they had only heard silly lies. Your true friends won’t change their opinions about you just because they heard a nasty rumor, and the people who do look at you differently probably weren’t the best friends to have anyway. So when you hear on the grapevine something hurtful, and someday you probably will, don’t take it too seriously, because like all things, this too shall pass.



High school is as full of opportunities to fail as it is opportunities to succeed, but many teens only acknowledge the possibility of failure. This leads to a crippling fear of failing tests, auditions, and job interviews that won't help you at all! You can stop worrying about failure because, just like success, failure is a choice. More often than not failure is avoidable if you prepare yourself for the daunting tasks waiting for you.



Sadly, I've found that many teens fear the adults in their life and what they will think of their actions. When you look up to someone, like a teacher or parent, you begin to worry about how they'll judge your actions. But the people who love and care for you, even though they seem like big scary authorities, just want you to do your best. It's okay to be imperfect, because believe it or not the adults in your life are too!



Teenage girls also fear disapproval from their peers. You spend a considerable amount of time with people your own age during your teenage years, much more than you probably will after graduation in the "real world". So what your peers think of you seems to matter a great deal. But when you find yourself stressing out over what your friends and classmates think about you, remember that they probably won't be in your life forever. Anything they say or think about you now is only temporary. If anything, you should use your fear of peer disapproval to drive you to succeed in all that you do!


The Future

The future is a scary place because none of us knows what it holds. You can day dream of your swimsuit model-husband and home in the Hamptons all you want, but no one can guarantee you a perfect future. Because of that, many teens fear what they have waiting for them after graduation. But there's no need to worry about the future because no matter how much you worry, you can't change the future through thought. Stressing out about what's to come won't mold your life into the shape you desire. Life will always be full of surprises and the sooner you accept that, the longer you'll live a happier life!

Your teenage years are filled with fears and worries, but you can easily rid yourself of a few which afflict all of us. Even if you struggle with living a worry-free life, it always helps knowing that you aren't alone in your struggles. What do you worry about most? And how do you cope with it?

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