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7 Stereotypes about Sorority Girls That Aren't True ...

By Emily

As a member of a Greek organization, I’ve encountered many stereotypes about sorority girls. They range from the understandable to the absolutely absurd. What bothers me the most about these stereotypes is that they are perpetuated by the media or a single member’s experience. And because sorority girls know that this is what is expected of them, sometimes they do conform to the norms. Here are a few stereotypes about sorority girls that I’ve heard:

1 Paying for Friends

This is definitely one of the most common stereotypes about sorority girls. As with any organization, there are fees. These dues cover chapter operations and sisterhood activities. But what don’t these fees cover? Friendship. The reason why sorority sisters seem so close so quickly is because they are all genuinely excited to have new sisters! Plus, rushing and pledging with a group of girls ultimately helps bring a group of girls closer.

2 Sorority Girls Are Dumb

Okay, I blame Legally Blonde. Just kidding though – it’s one of my favorite movies! The media portrays sorority girls as blonde Barbie dolls that only go to college to earn a MRS degree and to meet boys. But this isn’t true, ladies! You need to have a certain GPA in order to rush and once you’re in, you have to maintain a GPA, or else you’ll be on probation. That’s extra motivation to do well in school!


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3 They Are All Party Girls

I personally don’t think that sorority girls party more than any average college student. However, people probably get this impression because there are a lot of Greek events, such as mixers, date parties, formals, etc.

4 They Sleep around

I honestly do not understand this stereotype. There is no doubt that lots of college students engage in sexual activities, and I think that this stereotype is a result of media targeting the "publicity" of Greek events. Many of my sorority sisters are in serious relationships and the rest most definitely do not throw themselves around!

5 Hazing

This is a difficult stereotype to address. I am only a sister of one sorority, as it should be, so I can only speak on my sorority’s behalf. I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors in other sororities. Hazing destroys the true meaning of sisterhood. I don’t understand why anyone would ever want to be "sisters" with people who torment you in order for you to join. If you ever get hazed, no matter how hard it is, I would suggest reporting it. No one deserves to get hurt!

6 They Only Care about Looks

No one ever believes us when we tell them that what really matters is the group of girls that are in the sorority, not how pretty or hot everyone is. But I was guilty of believing this stereotype while I was rushing. It’s important to look presentable and to dress nicely during rush, but it’s definitely not all the sisters care about. As someone who has been on the other side of things, I can guarantee you that what matters most is how we feel when we’re meeting potential members!

7 They Are All Well off Girly Girls

Not all Harvard students are A+ students, are they? Well, not all sorority girls are rich or girly girl. True, we love to dress up, but that doesn’t make us all girly girls. There are sisters who are super athletic, or just don’t enjoy dressing all frilly. Additionally, house dues can be a burden, but some sororities have funds or payment plans to help out sisters.

I hope this helped clear up some common stereotypes about sorority girls! Do you have any more stereotypes about sorority girls? Were you one? Did you notice these stereotypes, too?

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