7 Personality Traits to Pay Close Attention to before Deciding on a Major ...


Before you make a major life decision like choosing a major, it's important to be self-aware of certain personality traits. Each field has a different set of traits that make a person the ideal worker in it. Before you spend= four years of your life and possibly more time in that career, make sure you have the right personality traits for whatever major you want!

1. Leadership

Leadership comes in many different shapes and sizes, just like us! Because of its variability, it is one of the most important traits you can look out for before selecting a major. Do you have a tendency to take charge and not take no for an answer? Are you more of a silent leader, or even a follower? Maybe something in between? Each of these personality traits has a place in a different field, but you should be aware of where you fall on the leadership spectrum before deciding on a major. If you want to be a politician, but like hanging on the sidelines, you may want to consider changing your major to something other than political science.

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