7 Motivating Factors to Help You Survive the School Year ...


When you attend the same bland classes day after day, it can feel like it’ll be impossible to survive the school year. Of course, you’ve done it before, and you can do it again. Everyone has their qualms about classes, but you’ll make it through. In case your spirits need a lift, here are things to remember when you’re trying to survive the school year:

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Closer to Graduation

Every single day that you spend in class is a day closer to graduation. You’re in a constant state of progression. Even if it feels like you’ve been in school for forever, it’ll all end one day. For now, take comfort in the fact that it won’t last that much longer. Every year, the days fly by faster. In order to survive the school year, remember how close you are to being finished.


Friends Are Nearby

Once you graduate, you won’t see your friends as often. Now, you have buddies in your classes, so you get to see them all the time. You might not get to chat with them during class, but at least you get to see them. After graduation, you’ll go off to separate places, and won’t have as much time to communicate.


You’re Actually Learning

Whether or not you think you’re learning valuable information, you’re definitely learning something. School helps you expand your mind, even if it’s temporary. Your future career may not entail calculus, but who knows where your path will take you? You may end up deciding that you want to major in Mathematics instead of English.


Free Clubs

While you’re in school, take advantage of all of the clubs and activities you’re allowed to take part in. Once you graduate, everything has a price. If you want to take a dance class, you’ll have to pay for it. If you want to learn to sew, you’ll have to pay for lessons. Enjoy the free activities while you can.


Able to Socialize

School allows you to socialize with people your own age. You can easily meet new friends and potential partners. Once you graduate, it’ll be a bit more difficult to find friends. Of course, you’ll have a job that'll be filled with other people, but sometimes coworkers like to keep their distance. Enjoy the friendships you've made in school, and try to keep them long after graduation. It's harder than it looks.


Hours Aren’t Long

If you’re in college, you only have classes a few days a week. If you’re in high school, your classes only last a short amount of time. Enjoy the fact that you’re not in the same classroom for hours on end. At least you’ll get to leave after a bit, and do whatever you actually enjoy doing.


Opens Your Mind

When you’re in school, you’re going to see a lot of different types of people, and you’re going to hear many different opinions. Growing up, you probably believed one thing about the world. But by being exposed to others, you’ll start to learn new viewpoints, and begin thinking about the universe in a different way.

School seemingly drags on, but it will be over before you know it. Are you currently in high school or college, or have you already completed your education?

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