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As a student, I am always trying to think of different ways to stay organized throughout the school year. It is not always the easiest thing to do! So I have come up with this list of ways to stay organized to help keep you on track. Feel free to add or share any pointers of your own!

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Keep a Planner

First item on my list of ways to stay organized is the investment in a good daily planner. Keeping a planner is really beneficial because it allows you to jot down any important dates and deadlines. Whether it is an actual planner, or a digital calendar in your phone or computer, keeping a planner is definitely a smart idea.


File Graded Papers

Cut the clutter out of your binders and school bags by keeping graded paper out of them and at home. Keep files of any papers, tests or assignments you get back- don’t throw them away! You may need them to look back on, or to use them to show professors if there are any misunderstandings about grades.


Have Designated Class Sections

If you carry binders, notebooks, or folders, make sure to keep your classes separated with tabs or sections. If you are someone who uses a laptop or computer for school, keep digital folders on your desktop for each of your classes. This allows you to find things easier and is hassle-free.


Keep a Clean Workspace

Having a workspace at home allows you to stay focused and provides a special place where you can get stuff done. But make sure to keep this space free of distractions and clutter. Sure, having a few fun things here and there can inspire creativity, but don’t go overboard. The least amount of clutter, the better.


Know Your Deadlines

Deadlines can be scary and worrying, but they are always going to be around. This goes right back to the first point. Having a planner is a great tool to use so that you remember the important deadlines. One of the most terrifying things is to walk into class empty handed when something is due- yikes!



Yes, we all know that frat party this weekend is going to be the gathering of the semester… but you also have a midterm that Monday! Although it might be really hard, it is crucial that you set your priorities straight. If you really want to go to that party, or that concert, study ahead of time, and maybe only go out for a little bit. You don’t want all of your hard work to go to waste now, do you?


Have a Class Buddy

It is always a good idea to get to know someone in class so that you can ask them for help if you need it, or so that you can ask them for notes if you miss a class or two. Exchange numbers and emails so that you can easily get in touch. I can’t tell you how many times this has come in handy!


Make Study Guides

When you know you have tests coming up, make study guides to help organize the material. Instead of just flipping through pages and pages of notes, make one concise document that hits all of the key points that are the most important. Doing this will also significantly reduce the amount of stress when it comes to studying… Trust me! Yes, it is a bit of extra work, but the results will always be worth it, and you will feel much more prepared and organized.


Go to Study Groups

A great opportunity to use those study guides! Going to study groups and review sessions is an awesome way to feed off of each other’s notes and knowledge. It is another way to reduce the amount of stress and pressure because you are all working together! But you definitely don’t want to be that person who goes and just listens to everything. You want to be able to actually contribute! And if you have followed all of the previous tips, you should have nothing to worry about.

I’m curious to see if any of these tips have worked for any of you. Do you have other things that you do to keep yourself organized? What are some things you have tried that have worked/ have not worked so well?

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This is really nice and helpful. thank you!


Niceee. Really helpful. Thankd

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