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These days there are many alternatives to textbooks for any level of student to use for their classes. This has made it easier for all leaner types to work in the best way that suits them. Being a long time out of school, I know I wish that some of these alternatives to textbooks had been around when I was a student. Check them out and you might find the answer to your study woes.

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Online Tutors

This is one of the less common alternatives to textbooks and not because they are a rare service, but because there are only a certain amount of people who employ their services. They tend to be hired by people who are stuck on subject and do not want to fail, or they are hired by people who want to study subjects outside of the regular academic mainstream.


Video Websites

There are video websites out there that act as suitable alternatives to textbooks. They are not ideal because they are not as closely linked to the curriculum as regular textbooks are, but they may be a very good learning resource if you get it right.


TED Apps

TED is a conference of people who are deemed to be experts or of note in their field. Just who decides such a thing is ridiculous as some of the guest speakers are not all that great. Still, you will learn more from watching it than watching TV. There are apps for smartphones that specialize in just TED conferences. They show you TED speeches in libraries that are categorized so you can find the one that relates closest to what you need.


Tutorial Websites

These are websites that focus on one thing and teach just that. It is handy if you have a very varied curriculum. For example, instead of going over all the principles in physics, there are websites that go over just Boyle’s law or the laws of fluid dynamics. There are good websites for non-mainstream things such as learning how to pick a lock or how to play the piano. There are also a lot of tutorial websites that are written by people who are very good at what they do. They can sometimes offer you information and insights that you will not find in mainstream education. There are also a lot of bad ones out there, but you have to take the time to pick the good from the bad.



Your PC can do everything and anything and is perfect for any kind of learning. You can use interactive software to learn, or you can use a program for things such as mind mapping or flashcards. You can use the internet and take advantage of everything it has to offer without the limitations that come from using a mobile device. It allows you to install programs that increase your skills and programs that are tools for you to practice your discipline with.


Smartphone Apps

It is not going to teach you how to dance, but it can be used with flashcard apps. They are one of many alternatives to textbooks. You fill in the flashcards that you want to create and it flashes them up in a random order. This way it is more up to you to get it right and it does not matter if you feel stronger on one subject over another because you cannot predict what is going to come up next as your flashcards run.


Online Courses

These are a learning method where you are not exposed to humans at all, but are given a course where you are asked to complete modules in a set time. You are given learning resources and at the end if you have taken enough time and effort and learned your stuff then you get a real qualification. Online courses do not always give you a qualification, but they may still be worth a try if you wish to learn a skill or expand your knowledge.

If learning through written sources is not your favored way or are just looking to change up your study methods, the alternatives to textbooks give you some interesting options to try. How do you prefer to study? Are you a book learner or have you tried some of these other resources?

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