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Lately, it seems as if tech schools are in incredibly high demand. This is no surprise, as the tech industry is booming! Whether you are currently in the college search yourself, or just interested in learning a bit about a few big schools that specialize in technology, here are seven amazing tech schools.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology It’s no surprise that MIT is one of the most amazing tech schools. Even if IT isn't your field of interest, no worries! MIT's Sloan School of Management is world-renowned, too! And MIT's cross registration program with Wellesley College allows students to take liberal arts courses. Not only do the best of the best go there, MIT is also located in a college town that has so much culture! It's minutes away from Boston, so you are bound to get a wonderful education in one of the best cities in America!


Stanford University

Stanford University Stanford offers unbeatable programs in all areas, but Stanford's engineering and computer science departments are definitely the top of the top. Plus, it's almost a guarantee that you'll get a job in the tech field straight out of Stanford. Its location is right in the center of the Silicon Valley, and employers such as Google and Cisco always make sure to snatch up Stanford students!


Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech is a huge school with amazing tech programs. Because of its student population, there are so many research opportunities! Some of the main research institutes include Life Science Institute; Creativity, Arts, and Technology; and Critical Technology and Applied Science.


California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology California Institute of Technology is located in sunny California, and it is known for its strong programs in science and engineering. With many connections there, I have heard nothing but good things about this school. It will provide you with so many opportunities (internships and jobs) and apparently, the Cali lifestyle rubs off on academics, too! I’ve heard that most exams are take home! If you’re looking for a small school, but you’re passionate about technology, this is the place to be. The entire undergraduate population is under 1,000. Yes, you read that right: 1,000! This guarantees a small professor-student ratio, and a lot of personal connections.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

RPI is the very first technological research university in America. A few notable alumni who graduated from RPI include the inventor of the Ferris Wheel and the main engineer of Fenway Park. RPI is also the home of IBM's Watson, so if you’re a huge Jeopardy fan, you know where to go! Though RPI isn't located in the best area, students are 20 minutes away from Albany, New York's state capital.


Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech Georgia Tech, also known as the MIT of the South, is a wonderful tech school. They have amazing engineering programs. I have plenty of friends down south who are enrolled and are loving it! Though Georgia Tech specializes in science and technology, it is recognized in other fields, such as business administration and liberal arts.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Worcester Polytechnic Institute WPI is also located in Worcester, Massachusetts, and it’s starting to rise in university ranks! WPI really stresses product-based learning, so students are really encouraged to do things, not just to listen and learn. This hands-on approach is useful and students take away so much from it.

I think that it’s wonderful to have schools that are so dedicated to technology. These schools train their students hard and prepare them well to immediately enter the work field. Did you go to any of these schools? What other tech schools are outstanding?

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Iowa State :)

I know people at ga tech..yeah they think they are better than everybody else..but the school itself is great

Virginia Tech WOOT WOOT!

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