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7 Fun Ideas for a Slumber Party ...

By Sabrina

It's a lot harder to find fun ideas for a slumber party when you're sixteen than when you're six. Long gone are the days when your friends would be content to watch a Disney movie then fall asleep no later than 10 'o clock. Now the parties aren't "cool" unless there's a keg and an unlimited supply of hot guys! But if you're looking for some good old fashioned, wholesome fun, there are still plenty of ideas for a slumber party that will turn you into a sleepover guru!

1 Scavenger Hunt

One of the greatest ideas for a slumber party is a massive scavenger hunt! Any slumber party with a scavenger hunt automatically becomes 10x more fun! It makes sure the night is exciting and adventurous, but still totally legal. Here's what you do for an epic scavenger hunt. Divide your guests into two groups, and give each a list of items to find. Have them go from house to house in your neighborhood asking for the items on the list, or from store to store at your local shopping mall. Whoever wins gets a prize! Loads of fun will be had by all, and your slumber party will go down in history.

2 Murder Mystery

I probably played Clue too much as a kid, but I've always dreamed of attending a Murder Mystery party! Maybe your friends have too, and you should have your slumber party be Murder Mystery themed. This will be totally unexpected and unconventional, so your friends are sure to appreciate it! It will be a night full of intrigue and fun, which will make it unforgettable!

3 Minute to Win It

If you've seen the show, you know exactly how fun minute to win it is! But you don't need to be on TV to play these exhilarating, high-pressure games! You can recreate them in your own living room! There are too many minute- to- win it games to name them all, but one of my personal party favorites is "Face the cookie". This game requires that you maneuver the cookie of your choice from your forehead to your mouth in under a minute! Are you up to the challenge?

4 Horror Movies

While when you were younger, Cinderella and Ariel were on your guest list, they may need to get booted off by Carrie and other horrific heroines! A teenage slumber party isn't complete without a horror movie, that gets you all throwing pillows at the TV screen and sleeping with the lights on! Don't worry, you can always end the night with your old Disney pals to help you and your friends sleep peacefully.

5 Bonfire

I never truly understood how fun bonfires were until I spent part of my summer in Washington with my friend! We hosted several bonfires for her friends while I was there because I simply couldn't get enough of them! I don't know what it is about bonfires, but they make normal conversations a thousand times more fun! You can roast marshmallows or hot dogs in your fire, so that you can stay outside for hours. So watch the stars and talk up a storm with your friends around a bonfire at your next slumber party!

6 Card Games

I won't lie, I have an addiction to cards! So maybe this is personal preference, but I think every party is better with a few rounds of cards! You can play the game if your choice, and as long it keeps you and your friends entertained for hours it will make your slumber party much more fun!

7 Truth or Dare

What slumber party is complete without this classic game? Your friends are bound to love it, and it only leads to more fun! It's important to make sure that everyone is kind to one another and not too nosy or pushy. But as long as you abide to those simple rules, your girlfriends will have a great time! You'll get to know each other better and do silly dares, overall creating an unforgettable night!

It's easy to make a slumber party a night to remember, but it’s also easy to throw a party that flops! As long as you follow through on a few of these ideas for a great slumber party, you're guaranteed to have an amazing night! What other fun ideas do you have for a slumber party?

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