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7 Fun and Exciting Alternatives to Prom ...

By Sabrina

There are tons of alternatives to prom for teens who either can’t or don’t want to attend their school’s prom. Just because you’re not taking part in a traditional high school event doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time too! These fun and exciting alternatives to prom will ensure that you have a night just as memorable as your peers.

1 Amusement Park

Amusement ParkIf you’re looking for one of the most fun and exciting alternatives to prom, look no further than your local amusement park! Spending the day or evening at an amusement park is a special experience for many people, so if you don’t visit one often you should consider going as an alternative to prom!

2 All You Can Eat Sushi

All You Can Eat SushiWhile the other girls from your school are sucking in their stomachs to prevent sequins from popping off their dresses, you can be stuffing your face with delicious sushi! Who cares what you look like or if you’re going a little overboard on the sushi? If there’s a Japanese restaurant near you, odds are they have an all you can eat sushi night. If that night falls on the same date as prom, you’ll have just as great a time feasting on yummy, exotic food as your peers have at prom.

3 Party

PartyLots of teens have parties before and especially after prom, but why not have a party instead of prom? If you know of several people skipping out on prom this year, throw a party at your place the night of the big dance! You’ll have just as much fun and much more freedom in the comfort of your own home than at a school-sponsored dance. So instead of moping around on prom night, open up your house to all your non-prom going friends!

4 Night Hiking

Night HikingI often hear people rave about night hiking! And I can’t think of a better night to try it than prom night. It’s bound to be an exhilarating, unique experience, with much more room to breathe and enjoy your company than in your school’s crowded gymnasium. If you love to hike or simply want to try something new on prom night, set out on a moonlit path and have an amazing time!

5 Night out on the Town

Night out on the TownIf you live near, or even just in reasonable driving distance, from a big city like New York, Chicago,or LA, a night out on the town can be an amazing alternative to prom. You’ll need to get your parents’ permission first, of course, and be careful because it’s a scary world out there! But spending the evening in a big city will be an experience like no other. You’ll meet interesting people, eat at incredible restaurants, and be adventurous! If you and your friends aren’t going to prom this year, get together and start planning a trip to your nearest big city!

6 Pajama Party

Pajama PartyMaybe it’s not just you who’s skipping out on prom-maybe it’s the whole gang! If that’s the case, invite over your girlfriends and have an unforgettable pajama party! Order too many pizzas, watch chick flicks and horror movies, play truth or dare and anything else you would do at your ideal pajama party! No one will need to worry about curling their hair or finding the perfect prom dress. All you’ll need is you and your best friends to have an amazing night!

7 Make a Movie

Make a MovieSure you could watch a movie, but why watch what you can create? If you and your friends are looking for something unique and exciting to do on prom night, you can all get together and film a movie! It doesn’t have to be good, in fact the worse the better But it will make for great memories just like prom, and you and your friends will always have something to laugh about together.

Prom is a great night for some, but there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on one night spent in a room full of sweaty, dancing teenagers. You can have just as much fun on your own, participating in any one of these alternatives to prom. Which of these activities do you want to do?

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