7 Benefits of an Ivy League Education ...


Often times, people let the cost if an Ivy League school outshine the benefits of an Ivy League education. But there is a reason why Ivy League colleges are so well-known and, in a way, so expensive. When applying to college, if you think you meet the requirements of some more competitive colleges, make sure you let these benefits of an Ivy League education factor into your decision.

1. Intimate Learning Environment

In an Ivy League school, you will have the opportunity to learn in a more intimate environment. Rather than attending a lecture with 600 other students, you might have as few as 12 other students to share your teacher with! Even though you may be learning the same material as your non-Ivy League counterparts, being in a smaller learning environment will make a difference! The lower student:teacher ratio is definitely a benefit of an Ivy League education, because you will be able to ask more questions, participate more in class, and overall absorb more information than in a larger school.

Prize-winning Professors
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