7 Tips for Being a Better All around Student ...


All throughout high school, I’ve searched for the most helpful tips for being a better student. In modern times, it’s hardly ever enough just to be book-smart, musical, a leader or athletic; today, if you want to get into your top pick university, you have to shine in several aspects of your education. These tips for being a better student will help make sure your application stands out come college admission time, and provide you with a more complete high school experience.

1. Read More

One of the greatest tips for being a better student is simply this- read more. Reading helps give you great perspective on the world around you, as well as expands your imagination. No matter what you read, you’re bound to grow as a person and a student. The more you read, the faster and better you’ll get at it, which will help you exponentially in class and on timed tests.

Take Advantage of Office Hours
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