7 Classes That Should Be Taught in High School ...


Besides chemistry and algebra, there are other types of classes that should be taught in high school.

Many teens, like me, graduate without possessing basic skills needed for living in the adult world.

I muddled through my twenties, making poor decisions because I didn’t know any better.

The following 7 classes that should be taught in high school would actually do a lot to help young people enter adulthood.

1. Credit Basics

I was 19 when I signed up for my first credit card.

The credit card company came to my college campus and handed out free candy to any student who applied.

I had no idea I was starting down a very slippery slope when that shiny new credit card arrived in the mail.

As a poor college student, I suddenly felt rich because I could buy whatever I wanted with credit.

This is one of those classes that should be taught in high school so teens understand the importance of maintaining good credit.

2. Survival 101

Wouldn’t it be great if schools taught us how to grow our own food?

Most of us weren’t born knowing how to catch a fish.

I know it’s not likely I’ll get lost in the woods, but it would be comforting to know how to build a campfire without matches, if necessary.

If high schools showed us how to survive during a natural disaster or other emergency, we’d all be a lot better off.

This is especially true for those of us who weren’t Girl Scouts.

3. Banking & Loans

Most teens can’t explain how a certificate of deposit (CD) works.

What about a fixed or variable rate mortgage?

Schools should offer a class on the basics of banking and loans.

There should be a section on student loans because most of us take out college loans without really understanding the ramifications.2

Growing up, my parents rarely talked about money so I was completely lost when it came to understanding loan terms.

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