Why You Should Stop Worrying about What You'll do after College ...


If you're about to graduate college, you might worry about what you'll do after school. Will you live at home or get your own place? Will you find a job immediately? All these questions might run through your head, but you shouldn't worry yourself sick. Understandably, you have to make some important decisions, but there are reasons why you shouldn't worry about life after college.

1. Just about Every Graduate Feels the Same Way

Although it's good to have a life plan, don't drive yourself crazy solidifying plans immediately after college. Some college graduates feel they have to have all the answer as soon as they grab their degree. Understand, however, you're not alone. Just about every graduate feels the same way. It might help to talk with other recent graduates or maybe your friends. You can provide each other with support and encouragement.

You'll Miss out on the Present
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