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Whether you are starting your freshman year of college or just looking forward to your independent living, keep in mind this useful information about college so you can thrive your freshman year! You might not think much of this advice now, but these are the key points that will get you far. No matter what, just remember why you are in the college in the first place and keep your head in the game! Here is some information about college you will definitely find useful!

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Keep in Contact with Academic Advisor

Entering the academic life in college can be a little tough at first. The whole system is a lot different from what it used to be, so you might have a hard time finding out exactly which classes you should be taking or what the requirements for graduating are. The only person who can help you with everything and anything that has to do with college is your academic advisor! They are like angels sent from heaven with all of the information about college, so make sure to get to know your advisor.


Don’t Fall behind

It’s scary just how easy it is to fall behind in classes, especially when living on campus. You are so tempted to spend all of your time socializing that you push all of your work until last minute. However procrastination is not going to work in college. Make sure to keep yourself on track and get all of your academic work done before going off to socialize with others.


Follow the Code of Conduct

I’ve never really realized just how strict colleges are about their rules. Most if not all of the colleges look down on plagiarizing, under age drinking, smoking, and breaking college rules in general. Rules like these were made to protect you and those around you, so make sure to do what you college is asking.


Keep Your Calendar up to Date

Once you start your freshman year, things can get a little hectic. You won’t even realize just how busy you are with all of your commitments and responsibilities until it’s too late. To avoid the chaos, write everything down in your calendar and strategically plan out your schedule in advance.


Join Clubs

Clubs are the best way to pursue your hobbies and meet peers with the same interests. Making connections in college can become a little harder after a while, but the bond over clubs can really help you form meaningful friendships. Plus these fun commitments are a great way to take your mind off hours and hours of studying and provide an outlet for stress.


Take in Everything Your College Has to Offer

The worst thing you can do during your years of college is become oblivious to everything you college is offering you. You are paying a crazy amount of tuition not just for education but also for the college experience, so take advantage of your situation. Attend events, go to socials, and just become involved in your community.



Avoid the two extremes of partying every night or locking yourself in the room and never speaking to anyone ever again. It’s important to find balance with studies and friends! Education should be your first priority but don’t put your social game too far back; you should still try to live it up and form life experiences.

College can be the greatest four years of your life, as long as you have your eyes on your goal but still manage to take it easy on yourself. You total college experience solely depends on how much effort you are willing to put into your work or social life. What are some of your pieces of advice for someone who is about to enter college?

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