7 Reasons to Enter College Undeclared ...


People might have warned you against entering college undeclared, so now you’re stressing out trying to decide what to major in. Although having a major when you enter college definitely offers distinct benefits, it’s not the only right path. If you enter college undeclared, you’re bound to be just as happy with your decision as if you had declared a major freshman year.

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Get to Know Yourself

One of the most critical reasons to enter college undeclared is because it allows you time to get to know yourself. As an undeclared major, you’ll experience something new every semester! You will get to discover what your interests are and what your dislikes are. Getting to know yourself is crucial to the college experience, especially in deciding on a major.


Discover Your Strengths

In getting to know yourself, you will begin to discover your strengths. Learning who you are and what you’re interested in is important when deciding on a major, but what’s even more paramount is how good you are at your intended major. You can be fascinated by the human body, but not have the precise motor skills or memory to become a surgeon. You may, however, make a great architect or lawyer. You’ll never know unless you take a wide array of classes.


Less Pressure

Once you declare a major, you’ll begin to feel some pressure. You’ll feel like you’ve set out on a certain path and are expected to stay on it without wavering. But as an undeclared college student, you don’t need to feel bound to a single thing. You can explore yourself and potential majors before you dive right into the future.


Meet a Variety Students

In classes targeting your major, you’ll generally meet the same types of people. That’s great because you’ll meet people with common interests and ambitions, but not so great for your self-development. In order to blossom into a complete, mature young woman, you’ll need to be influenced by different types of people. No one is just one thing; we are all combinations of many small things we’ve picked up along the way. So before you become too set in your ways, give yourself a chance to meet your opposites and see how they influence you.


Learn from a Variety of Professors

Additionally, as an undeclared major you’ll learn from a variety of professors. This experience can be beneficial to your intellectual growth in that you’ll emerge from college, regardless of your degree, with a more well-rounded mind.


You’re Bound to Change It Anyway

Many college students change their major a few times before graduation. If you’re bound to change anyway, why go through the process of selecting and deselecting a major over and over again? It can be a hassle and it generally just isn’t worth it. If you enter college undeclared, you’ll have a better idea of what you want to do come junior year when you finally declare a major. Hopefully once you declare, it won’t change again!


Save Money

Since you’re bound to change your major anyway, entering college undeclared can help you save money. There isn’t much sense in taking Health Science classes for your entire freshman year, only to switch to an English major sophomore year, and a Music major junior year! Taking all of these classes, which are virtually useless toward your desired major, will be a colossal waste of money! It is probably wiser to take GE classes your Freshman year, decide what you like, and what your strengths are, then take the leap of faith toward your major.

Choosing a major presents an obstacle for most teens graduating high school. You’ve never had to make a decision this important before, but you still don’t have to! Why would you enter college undeclared?

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