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Ever thought of ways to get 'A' grades? Two months ago I was back to the drawing board to map out my plan for completing my Master’s degree while managing a household with one-year old twins and a husband who is always on the road. I was always the diligent student from Kindergarten to College, the one who aimed for straight As. To me, having good grades is a reflection of your hard work, perseverance and intelligence. Listed here are seven ways to get 'A' grades that will hopefully help all students like me. Let’s work it!

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Review Every Night

In my academic career, reviewing every night has always been one of the smart ways to get 'A' grades. You don’t have to spend countless hours studying for every subject. You just need to review what has been discussed that day. As you move along the semester, review your notes. You will most probably have a mental outline of your lessons making it easier for you to answer your long quizzes and periodical exams.


Study in Advance

I partied a lot in college because I was a nerd in high school, so I wanted to make up for “lost times.” But I made sure that my academics didn't suffer. I would pour over books and review my notes every night (remember point number one?), so I wouldn't resort to cramming. Several times in my college years, I would go out the night before the exam. I don’t recommend this to anyone though, because we do have different ways of coping with stress related to school. In my case, I was always confident that even if I went out, I would still be able to answer the exams the following day because I studied in advance.


Read, Read, Read

A reading habit helps you become focused. A good reader is a better learner. Need I say more?


Listen during Discussion Hours

The professor might be really boring but if you can manage to stay awake while he is rattling about the system of writing developed by the Egyptians, please do. I realized that a lot of the items that came out in my exams were not based on the handouts distributed by the professors. Most of them were based on the discussion that happened in class. So … keep your eyes and ears open.


Do Your Homework

Homework is made for you to practice or review what you have learned or not learned in class. In my class, the professors give out study guides where there are questions that we need to answer to help us understand what we have been reading. I know it’s not fun but trust me, you won’t regret that you did them.


Get Organized

I still have the old-fashioned notebook planner/calendar where I write my schedules in. I also have a to-do list. You can also do this in your phone, although I still prefer having my planner just in case my phone gets stolen or decides to end its life after years of being “smart.”


Sleep and Rest Well

Do not ever forgo sleep and your well-deserved rest because of the ultimate goal to get straight As. You also need to have fun! You are young, don’t forget that. Find joy in what you do or you’ll just wake up every single day slouching and moaning like a zombie.

Too much stress can literally kill you, so lighten up! Don’t forget that straight As or not, the most important part is that you learn and you are able to use these learnings to live a good life in harmony with nature and with your fellow human beings. Do you get stressed out about getting straight As?

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Awesome thanks a lot

Going over your notes is always key to help get a better grade durning tests

Paying attention during lectures helps a lot too.

People think these are just the things people already do but they don't if they actually did follow these steps no one would get bad grades!

So true


Great advice!


thanks for this post, okay gotta start doing them!

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