7 Tips to Solve High School Issues ...

High school issues can be ugly and nasty. I attended a Catholic institution for high school, and everyone thought it would be a lot easier because I was in the comfort of a school being run by a religious organization. Nobody’s mean in a sectarian school, right? Wrong! I was showered with several high school issues. I got by with the help of some friends and a mindset that I would survive high school! So here are few tips that might help in getting you through that awkward stage.

1. Acne

High school is a period of self-discovery: we want to fit in, we want to be part of a group, and looking good can be one of those high school issues that you have to face – literally. My face was full of pimples. My Mom told me not to pick them. Avoid touching your face with your hands and keep it clean by washing it regularly with water and glycerin soap. I have pimple scars still now – 13 years after high school – but I don’t have those deep, pitted craters from picking. Thank God I listened to my Mom.

2. Crush

Boy bands were the in thing when I was in high school. Their songs were my love anthems, especially to that one special crush who didn’t know I existed. How did I manage? I just kept on reading books, studying hard and writing articles for the school paper. When I ran for a seat on the student council, I had to campaign in his class and was surprised that he knew me and smiled at me. Nothing really followed after that and I was disappointed. But hey, he knew my name. And he voted for me!

3. Bullies

I was bullied because I went to a private high school from a public school. During those times, students from private schools were considered more academically-advanced than students coming from the public schools. There were people who called me ugly and "witch." I just kept on studying to get better grades and be more advanced than them. By the end of my first year, I was on the honor roll. Those bullies weren’t.

4. Grades

I was an honor student. That was a big pressure, especially in my senior high when everyone was rooting for me to graduate on top of my class. It was hard to study and take an exam knowing that you are expected to have the highest score. So I talked to my Mom and told her how I felt. She told me that I should think like I was back in first year when I started with a clean slate. That worked. I stopped worrying about what other people thought of me and made it to the top.

5. Parents

I am close to my parents, but there comes a time in high school when you just want to make your own decisions, though they won’t always let you... probably because they think you are still too young. A classic example is choosing my university course. One day, I asked my parents if I could talk to them. I was surprised that they were actually open to the idea of a discussion. They let me choose my course and I was so happy. Communication is key. Just talk to them.

6. Money

My parents were tough with money. We were only given enough allowance for transportation and snacks. We had packed lunches. To stretch my money, I would take biscuits or chocolates/candies from the house that would serve as my snacks. The money I saved went to buying a cassette tape of Britney Spears’ "Oops!...I Did it Again!" Album. Ha!

7. Boyfriend

My Dad was clear: no boyfriends in high school. I disobeyed and got one. Boy, he was angry! I stood my ground and refused to listen to them. Eventually, the boyfriend left for college. We tried to communicate through text messages and called each other, but a long distance relationship didn’t work for us. The relationship ended up with a break-up text message. I cried my heart out and promised myself I would do better in college. That’s how I dealt with my first heartbreak.These little heartbreaks are inevitable, and are part of the high school experience - just one more trauma on your way to graduation.

Oh, high school. Care to share your high school issues, and maybe a few stories of what you lived though, loved, or loathed?