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If lately you’ve been begging your parents to let you move out freshman year of college, but have struggled to come up with a few convincing reasons to live on campus, then read on! There’s a reason teens have been living in dorms ever since universities were first formed. If you have scholarships or other means of paying, I think there are certainly many reasons to live on campus during freshman year.

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Make Friends

One of the most daunting tasks freshman year presents is making friends. In high school, you may have been surrounded by the same group of students from middle and elementary school. But now, you’ve all parted ways and you basically have to start your social life from scratch! You want to have friends your freshman year though, to help ease the transition into college, which makes new friends one of the reasons to live on campus freshman year. Having a roommate is just like getting a “free friend,” then hanging out in your dorm's lounge will lead you to many other new friendships!


Get Used to Independence

From here on out, you’ll be pretty much an independent person. After college graduation, you’ll need to start looking for a career and place to live, as well as doing the little things like buying your own soap and doing your own laundry. But before you plunge right in, it’s okay to test the water; living on campus is a great opportunity for getting used to your independence.


Save Gas

Gasoline prices aren’t going to get any lower when you start college, and buying gas will end up costing you a pretty penny. To avoid that frustrating hassle, you can simply live on campus. Living on campus, you don’t necessarily need a car at all; you can walk or ride your bike around campus, and either take the train home for long weekends or ask your parents to pick you up. You’ll be glad you can spend the money you would spend buying gas on having fun instead!


Support System

Living on campus automatically provides you with a close-knit support system. Everyone around you is going through the same awkward, emotionally draining transition into adulthood right alongside you. Not to mention you’ll all be stressing about finals and midterms at the same time! In a dorm, someone will always be there for you to show you the sisterly love and care you need!


Traditional College Experience

This is one of my strongest arguments for living on campus, even though it may not be the most convincing to some people. All of my life, I’ve longed for a “traditional college experience,” at a private school living in a red brick dorm. The idea is charming, classic, and everything I ever dreamed a college experience would be!



College alone will provide you with incredible, long-lasting memories. However, they will be strengthened and seasoned with more fun and emotion if you live on campus. You’re guaranteed some of the best, most memorable experiences of your life if you live on campus, even if just for freshman year.


Transition Step

For many college freshmen, living on campus is an important transitional step. Going from living at home straight to living in an apartment can be too much all at once. On campus, everything is still right there for you—food, washing machine, living accommodations—only you have to go and get them on your own, unlike at home. If you’re afraid of living apart from your parents, but you know you’ll have to do it eventually, take a middle step and live on campus for at least a year or two.

Now you have a few solid arguments for why you should live on campus freshman year! Why do you think it’s important to live on campus?

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