7 Things All Teenage Girls Love ...


Even among the hipsters, the geeks, the jocks and the wallflowers, there are a few things all teenage girls love, though they don’t always admit it! You begin to develop you’re own unique style and personality in high school, but that doesn’t mean you’re completely different from the girls around you. There’s no shame in admiring the things all teenage girls love; it doesn’t mean you’re unoriginal or a follower. It just means you’re a normal teenage girl!

1. Vampires

Since Twilight hit the culture so hard with the sparkling, drop-dead-gorgeous undead a few years ago, it seems like one of the things all teenage girls love is vampires! You may deny it in front of your non-conformist friends, but we all secretly love these pale supernatural beauties! And why is that exactly? I personally believe it's because we’re so young and want to stay that way forever. And there's nothing wrong with feeling that way! You can try to counter the culture if you want to, but when no one’s home and Twilight is on TV, don’t you watch it?

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