9 Study Tips That Will Help You Pass Every Exam ...


Exams can seem to be scary monsters but following proper study tips will help you over come and pass every exam! The most influential study tips are centered on dedication, organization, and customization. I have to admit that I have been a huge nerd since high school so my goal is to encourage you and provide you with some of the best tips that helped me over the years!

1. Color Code Your Notes

One of the best study tips is to color code everything: your notes as well as your planner. On my life coaching Youtube channel, I uploaded a video explaining how I organized my planner in school but to tell a long story short, tests would be pink, quizzes were blue, subjects were yellow, and green stood for due dates. I used this same color coding system with my notes to help me study: pink would be math equations I had to remember, yellow would be definitions, green would be important information discussed in class, and blue would be dates and references.

Manage Your Time
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