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College brings with it many things; from financial struggles to financial opportunities, such as businesses to start during college! While not everyone can be the next Steve Jobs, you can definitely hone your entrepreneurial skills and make a pretty penny during your college years. Check out these simple, fun businesses to start during college and see which one best suits you!

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Essay Editing

If you have a keen eye for grammar mistakes, help out your fellow students by editing their essays! But you don't have to provide this service simply out of the goodness of your own heart; depending on your school's policy, you may be able to start a business during college centered around editing essays! You'll improve your editing skills, aid your peers, and afford to eat something other than ramen for dinner once a week!


Cookie Girl

Universal fact number one: college students love sweets! Sugar provides students with a natural high to get them through cramming for midterms; it also might remind them of their mom's homemade desserts! You can take advantage of this common love of baked goods and become the local cookie girl. If you have access to a stove, start baking up a storm and selling your sweets around campus.


Coffee Girl

Universal fact number two: college students crave caffeine! How would they survive cramming sessions without coffee and cookies? Some may be tea fanatics, others may abstain from caffeine for various reasons, but generally, the caffeine industry is a pretty lucrative one to enter as a blossoming, college-aged entrepreneur! But what student wants to wake up early or make a coffee run in between classes? You can be the go-to-girl for students in a hurry, pick up their coffee and deliver it to them—for a price. Just wait and see how much money you make!


Accessory Maven

Maybe your skill set lies in design. Your peers love looking good for cheap, so sell affordable, adorable accessories on campus and you're sure to be a hit!



Another valuable, yet fading skill is knitting! This talent will serve you especially well if you attend school in a cold area with harsh winters. When you notice the leaves falling, whip out your knitting needles and begin creating scarves, hats, and mittens for your schoolmates to buy!


Clothing Repair

You're definitely not the only college student facing financial difficulties. Because of that, not everyone can afford to buy a new dress or blouse when theirs gets damaged. If you're able to repair clothing at a price better than local tailors, make a profit out of your skills and help your peers in the process by starting a clothing-repair business!


College Blog

This may be a little slow moving at first, but success with a college blog or vlog is certainly not unprecedented. Many college blogs have found success, whether they're about makeup, dating, money, or academics. Choose your passion, then design a website focusing on it. Eventually, you may gain a considerable following and will earn money from advertising various companies on your website.

Starting a company is certainly a daunting task, but if you get started now you'll have ample experience for future endeavors! Plus, having a little extra money never hurts! What type of college-friendly business would you like to start?

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