9 Fun Activities to do with Your Guy Friends ...


As a teen, it isn’t always easy to think of activities to do with your guy friends. You’re not dating, but if you go to dinner and a movie, your friends may assume just that -even he might! It’s important to find fun, safe activities to do with your guy friends, that you will both enjoy, because knowing how to spend time with the special guys who aren’t THE special guy will be helpful now, and later in life.

1. Laser Tag

One of the greatest activities to do with your guy friends is a night of laser tag! If you haven’t played laser tag before, you should! And if your guy friends have also yet to try this fun, intense activity, you need to convince them to play laser tag with you! Laser tag is an amazing activity for both genders, and will make you feel like “one of the guys” for sure!

Poker Night
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