7 Reasons to Take a Gap Year before College ...


I took a public speaking class in my senior year of high school where we were asked why we wanted to go to college, ultimately opening up the conversation for reasons to take a gap year.

After all, they do it in Europe all the time!

In reality, itโ€™s almost more commonplace than rushing into university.

After attending one semester this fall, the reasons to take a gap year got the better of me and I took a leave of absence for the next year.

An adventure Iโ€™m ready to take on.

1. Money

Letโ€™s face the fact that college is expensive.

Many students rush to get loans and graduate hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

Reasons to take a gap year before college may be wiser for the wallet than you may believe.

A year changes you with your experiences so by the time youโ€™re ready to go to college, youโ€™re more committed to what you want to study.

Itโ€™s more of an investment then, rather than using it as insurance of getting a job.

Not all college graduates get jobs immediately after school or get work pertaining to their field.

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