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7 Worst Types of Friends You Shouldn't Keep in Your Life ...

By Vanessa

Let's face it, we've all been guilty of holding on to the worst types of friends. It's about time we start cutting off the people who are holding us back, or just simply undeserving of our friendship. If you can already think of a few names in your life, then that's proof that you're keeping some of the worst types of friends in your circle. If you refuse to lose them, then at least confront them about the things they do. You'll feel a lot better!

1 The One Who Never Remembers Your Birthday

If you hang out regularly with this person, and she can't be bothered with remembering your birthday, that's a problem. Especially if she made a big deal about "needing" you to celebrate hers with her. I'm sure your birthday has come up in conversation numerous times. Why do you need to keep reminding her about the day and the plans? Real friends take note of these kind of things! This is just one of the worst types of friends.

2 The One Who Waits for You to Make Plans

We all have that one friend who won't make any plans unless you do. And when you do, she almost always cancels. Bailing on friends is the worst! Real friends make time for one another. Priorities, right? There's no time for friends who claim they "miss" you, but don't make any effort to do anything about it!

3 The One Who Never Tells You That She's Mad

This is just horrible. Don't you hate when people assume you have magical mind-reading skills and know when/why they're angry? Please, if you're mad, TELL ME! Confrontations aren't always easy, but they're essential in close friendships. Friends should be able to talk things out, not just simmer in anger. We're getting a bit too old for the silent treatment!

4 The One Who Forgets Her Friends Exist when She Has a Boyfriend

How annoying is this? I get it - you'll see your friend a lot less if she's in a serious relationship. But that doesn't mean that friend should disappear completely from your life. It's definitely possible to balance both relationships and friendships. It's all about prioritizing. If you friend gets a boyfriend, forgets you exist, but comes crawling back whenever they get into a fight, it's a problem.

5 The One Who Can Never Be Happy for You

If your friend lives to rain on your parade, she isn't a true friend. Friends should be invested in each other's happiness! Trust me, you'll know a "resentful compliment" when you hear one. If you managed to get your dream job promotion and all your friend says is "You're so lucky to work in an industry that promotes people so quickly!", she's jealous. She should be happy for you and proud of your hard work; not be downplaying it.

6 The One You Don't Fully Trust

For some weird reason, we all have this friend. Someone who you keep around but you know you can't really reveal your deepest secrets to them. That's not how friendship should work! The people you keep around should be people you're comfortable with. People who you know will have your back no matter what. Untrustworthy friends are never good.

7 The One Who Thinks She's the Smartest of the Group

It's one thing to be smart. It's another to walk around and correct everyone. Whether it's about your grammar, pronunciation, or just fact-checking, friends shouldn't make you feel stupid.

Well, there you have it! These are seven types of "friends" that you shouldn't feel sorry about cutting off. Did this list help you think of anyone you need to have a serious conversation with?

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