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In high school, you'll make friendships that you'll remember forever, but while searching for your best friends, you should be aware that there are certain types of people to avoid in high school. Just like in the movies, some people in high school will be toxic to a nice girl's happiness. So keep an eye out for these types of people to avoid in high school if you want to make the most of your teenage years!

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The Seducer

One of the most important types of people to avoid in high school is the seducer. You may be reeled in by this smooth-talking, big dreaming boy or girl, but they're no good for you. They will use you and at the same time convince you that you want to be used. If someone seems overly flirtatious or pushy, they may be trying to seduce you and you should probably steer clear of them.


The Queen Bee

If you've seen Mean Girls, you know exactly what a queen bee is. Just like Regina George, a queen bee rules the school and will stop at nothing to keep her place at the top of the food chain. She may entice you with the lure of popularity and free makeovers, but odds are she is plotting something awful! The queen bee is naturally selfish, so no matter how close you two get, she'll always put herself first. As a general rule, shouldn't surround yourself with people who don't genuinely care for you and want the best for you.


The Careless One

A careless friend will get you into all sorts of trouble. She'll convince you to sneak out and do things you know aren't right, but since she doesn't worry about consequences, she'll try to make you do the same. Also, you'll eventually find yourself cleaning up her messes and hiding her secrets, because she can't seem to think far enough ahead to do that herself. The idea of having unlimited fun is extremely tempting when you're young, but you shouldn't have too many wild nights that leave you with regrets the next morning.


The Show off

There's a huge difference between being confident and being a show off. You should surround yourself with self-confident people, but anyone who relies on praise to feel good about themselves is someone you should avoid. While being brainy or athletic is certainly praiseworthy, your friends shouldn't need to boast about their admirable traits. A show off will probably just end up annoying you or making you feel bad about yourself, and ultimately be a colossal waste of time!


The Lazy One

We all have fits of laziness, but some people are just naturally lazier than the rest of us! These people will slowly convince you that it's okay to be less proactive, and make you lazy too! Laziness can be very dangerous though, so you should try to avoid befriending a lazy person. If you notice that a peer forgets his homework every day, or falls asleep in class during each lecture, you probably shouldn't spring to become their best friend. Because odds are you'll become just like them in a matter or weeks.


The Downer

If you remember watching Winnie the Pooh when you were little, you probably remember Eeyore, the constantly depressed donkey who could always see the glass half empty. Well, there are “Eeyores” in high school too. They throw a pity party for themselves almost every day, and their mood can bring you down too. There are so many things to rejoice about in high school that you shouldn't let anyone take away your happiness! If a close friend is showing signs of depression, then by all means you should do whatever you can to get them through this rough patch in their life. But at the same time, you should avoid making friends with people who'll rain on your parade every time you talk to them. Your teenage years are about having fun and trying new things, not moping around with your friend Debbie Downer.


The Doubter

Insecurity comes with puberty as a kind of package deal. So after doubting yourself so much, you don't need someone else in your life telling you that you're incapable of anything. Your youth is the time for big dreams and high hopes, and anyone who tells you otherwise doesn't belong in your life! If you come across someone who crushes dreams, you should end your relationship with them immediately!


The Pushy One

It's important to establish your personal limits, and firmly stick to them until you've matured enough to pass them. Anyone who pushes you past your limits shouldn't be allowed in your life. Unless they're trying to push you toward greatness, no one should be allowed to make you feel uncomfortable. A pushy person will begin with trying to make you tell secrets, but can eventually attempt to get you to do illegal or dangerous things with them. If you notice signs of pushiness, simply walk away from that budding friendship.


The Needy One

The last thing you need in high school is a needy friend. As a teenager, you're just barely getting used to the idea of taking care of yourself, so why would you take on a needy friend? A needy person will constantly be asking you to drive them places, lend them your notes, and buy them food. While we all care about our friends and want to help them out as best as we can, it isn't your job to mother your friends. Just like you, they should be learning how to be independent at this stage of your life. Needy friends will only drive you crazy, burn a hole in your wallet, and accuse you of being a bad friend when you don't answer their every request. So you should try your best to avoid needy people in high school.

In high school, you'll come across a wide variety of individuals. While none of us are flawless by any means, some people need a little bit of extra work. But you're in no way required to "fix people"; that is their own job. So to save yourself the struggle, you should avoid these toxic personalities in high school. What types of people do you try to avoid in high school?

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Do you have any suggestions for moving away from a downer without hurting them? Thanks

the selfish one. a person who avoids sterotypes such as seducer and downers because he/she thinks they deserve better. hang with whoever makes you most you and Happy! xo

How can you avoid being those yourself? Some of us are naturally like that. I'll admit I have been some of those myself. I am glad my friends have those tendencies but stay true to theirselves.!

I wish i stayed away from the friends i had in highschool. I would have focused on my grades more so i somewhat can agree with this article,the people you surround yourself with in highschool shapes you. If i could do it over id be friends with 2 people and thats it lol

Uh oh, one of my good friends is all of these things... I love her to death but you are right, it's hard sometimes.

The drugie !

In the second year of high school for me i tried hanging out with the queen bee after i started sitting next to her in class... Sigh she was such a waste of time, she made me so angry after her "lets have a makeover" idea and that never even happened! High school was almost as bad as primary school.. At the end of it though I've got 2 friends from high school which i'll have for life.. Not many, but they're gems to me ☺️

I hate that my bestfriend is The lazy one, i use to be so good in school lol, but i cant avoid all of this people because it would'nt be anyone left

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