7 Ways to Get on Your Teacher's Good Side ...


If you've ever struggled to get on your teacher's good side, you're not alone. We've all suffered through that semester or even year in which it seemed like a teacher didn't like us from the start. But I'd like to share with you a few ways to get on your teacher's good side so that never has to be the case again!

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Do Your Homework

Even if your teacher assigns nothing but "busy work," doing your homework can help you get on your teacher's good side. When you fail to do your homework, your teachers get the impression that you don't want to learn. And if there's anything teachers don't like it's a student who is unwilling to learn! So buckle down and devote some time after class to an assignment if you really want to get on your teacher's good side!


Ask and Answer Questions

You never want to be "that kid" in a class, the one who sits in the back, slouched over and day-dreaming rather than taking notes. You and your teacher want you to be that OTHER kid, the one who is constantly raising her hand, asking important questions and answering the questions your teacher offers to the class! While you may feel like a teacher’s pet as you become the class’ Curious George, your teacher won't be able to help adoring you! Asking and answering questions, like doing your homework, shows interest in your teacher's subject, which is sure to help get you on their good side!


Pay Attention

If you don’t feel comfortable asking and answering questions, that’s okay because you can show that you’re paying attention in class! Somehow, teachers can always tell the difference between a student who’s taking detailed notes and one who’s doodling instead. It’s the little things that prove you’re paying attention, like sitting up straight, looking up at the board frequently, and avoiding talking to your classmates. When your teacher notices these signs, they’ll have no choice but to recognize you as a hardworking student who deserves their kindest regard!


Don’t Disrupt the Class

Popping gum, passing notes, eating: these are all things that disrupt the learning experience of those around you, which, as is expected, tends to upset teachers. Since students are distracted enough by their hopes of the next bell ringing early and their thoughts about what to eat for lunch, they don’t need any outside distractions. You want to stand out in your class in a good way, not a negative way. So by not disrupting your class, you’ll prove to your teacher that you deserve to be on his or her good side!


Get to Know Your Teacher Personally

Getting to know your teacher on a personal level, and allowing your teacher to get to know you better too, is a great way to improve your teacher’s opinion of you. Talk to your teacher outside of class - it isn’t as awkward as it sounds! Because, after all, teachers are people too, they have families and lives just like you and me. If you don’t know what to talk about, simply ask them where they went to college as an icebreaker. This will snowball into discussions about their major as well as your intended major and college! Before you know it you’ll be buddies with the teacher you thought couldn’t stand you!


Come Early, Leave Late

A teacher of mine always tells my class to «Be to first to arrive and the last to leave class every day» and I can’t think of a better piece of advice if you’re trying to get on your teacher’s good side! By coming early, you show that you’re eager to learn. By leaving late, you show that you’re in no hurry to get out of class, but instead want to absorb as much knowledge as you possibly can! Plus, the extra time you spend with your teacher at these times is a perfect opportunity to get to know your teacher personally as well as ask any questions you didn’t get a chance to ask in class!


Be Constantly Improving

You don’t have to have an A+ in a class to get your teacher to like and respect you. If you’re a C student but show that you’re trying your best, your teacher will notice and admire that in you. The key here is to be consistently inconsistent- in other words, be constantly improving! It isn’t your job to be perfect, but it is your job to push yourself toward greatness!

A class can be ruined if you can’t seem to get on your teacher’s good side, but clearly that’s an easy fix! What ways have you managed to get on a teacher’s good side in the past?

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