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7 Tips on How to Solve a Fight with Your Best Friend ...

By Alicia

It is really important to know how to solve a fight with your best friend. Best friends are so important, even if you are in your adult years. As much as you love your career and family, you need a best friend, too. I know how much I treasure mine. Learn how to solve a fight with your best friend so that you stay best friends forever.

1 Say “I’m Sorry”

One of the best tips you can follow on how to solve a fight with your best friend is learn the art of apologizing. Sometimes, you just need to say, “I’m sorry.” We are all human and we all err, even when we did not intend to. If you have hurt your best friend, tell them how sorry you are. Many times, this is all it takes to put a fight behind you.

2 Take the Initiative to Talk about It

Don’t let a misunderstanding cause a long term rift between the two of you. True friendship is far too rare to allow that to happen. Take the initiative to talk about it. Sometimes when you do that, your friend will be ready and willing to talk. They were just waiting on you to make the first move.


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3 Send a Card

Many times, we feel like we can say things better on paper than we can in actual speaking. I know that I have always been that way. I love to give cards and receive cards for that very reason. They can say what you could never speak. Sending a card is also a way of offering an olive branch.

4 Make Her Laugh

Best friends know each other better than anyone else does. You know what makes her laugh and you know what makes her cry. Why not use that information to help bridge the gap? Crack a joke that only she can understand. Laughter is good medicine, especially if it is shared.

5 Have Someone else Talk to Her for You

Occasionally, you need a little assistance to get through a rough fight with your best friend. This may mean that you need to ask for some outside help. Think of who you both know that you both relate to well. It may be her mom, a close co-worker or someone else. See if they can talk to her for you and help you to get through this difficult spot.

6 Give Her Space

There are times when we really hurt each other, even if we care about each other deeply. This can happen even if you have been friends for years. If that happens and you cannot seem to work things out, you may have to make a difficult choice and give her some space. This can allow her to sort things out and work through them at her own pace. This is incredibly hard and hurtful to accept, but if your friendship is strong, it will work in time.

7 Tell Her She is Irreplaceable in Your Life

Your best friend is absolutely irreplaceable in your life. There is no shame in telling her that! Tell her that she means the world to you and you absolutely need her. After all, who else is going to help you analyze if you need Botox yet or show up with your favorite ice cream when PMS is taking over your life? Sometimes sharing how much we love someone can help them to forgive us if we have done them wrong.

It is really important try to work things out with your best friend if you have a fight. How have you and your best friend worked through things before? Please share that with us!

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