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It might seem difficult to find ways to develop leadership skills during high school, but before you embark on your journey throughout college and later, the real world, it’s important to learn how to be a good leader. Since experience is the greatest teacher of all, try out these practical ways to develop leadership skills!

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Start a Club

Starting a club takes a lot of energy, drive, and effort. If your school is lacking a club you desire, one of the best ways to develop leadership skills would be in forming that club. When you take the initiative, you prove to yourself and others that you're confident enough to lead and innovate.


Run for Club Officer

Perhaps you’re already in a club that’s perfect for you! But it isn’t always enough just to be a part of something; leading in a club will take your experience with that group of people to the next level! Plus, as an officer you’ll develop valuable leadership skills. If you don’t win, remember that being a leader doesn’t just mean taking charge, it also means rolling with the punches, and staying positive even when things don’t go your way.



Wise leaders know that the primary role of a leader is serving others. You can’t lead effectively without knowing how to humble yourself and put others’ interests above your own. Volunteering at a local homeless shelter, elementary school, or retirement center will help connect you with that deeply humble, caring side of yourself, which you can rely on as a leader in the future.


Lead Group Projects

I always dreaded group projects in school! But I hated them less once I became a better leader. When I learned how to take the reins of a group project, evenly distribute the work load, and counsel my group members, I realized that group projects could actually be fun! Once you do the same, you’ll realize that not only is working with others is a great experience, it's also a chance improve your leadership skills!


Answer Questions in Class

Something as simple as answering questions in class can help you develop your leadership skills! When no one else feels comfortable raising their hand, you can boldly offer an answer and spark an engaging class discussion!



Tutoring is an incredible leadership opportunity. If you have the option to tutor younger or struggling students, take it! But don’t tutor just for the money, tutor because you want to become a better leader! As a tutor, you’ll learn how to be more patient, helpful, and reliable — all traits of an excellent leader!


Observe Other Leaders

Even if you’re not from a political family or community, your life is full of leaders! Your teachers, parents, and bosses are all leaders you can look up to and learn from. Not only can your develop your leadership skills by observing well-known leaders’ strategies, but also by noting their faults. If you notice that your teachers ineffectively yell to get students' attention, you might realize that raising your voice isn’t always the answer. Countless other answers await your discovery, just keep your eyes open for them!

Leadership is one of the most important skills you ought to learn in high school. Unfortunately, sometimes students get too nervous to display leadership. But clearly, there are several simple ways to develop your leadership skills in high school. How do you recommend students improve their leadership skills?

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