9 Ways Teens Can Make a Difference in the World ...


It may seem difficult to find ways teens can make a difference in the world. You haven't cured cancer yet, you haven't founded an international charity, and you haven't built a university yet, because you're probably waiting until you're at least 25 to accomplish all of those things, right? Well, to get a head start on all of your fabulous plans for your fabulous future, try out these exciting ways teens can make a difference.

1. Befriend a Lonely Student

At my high school, we have different themed weeks throughout the year. Some are anti-bullying weeks, some are anti-drug weeks, but my personal favorite is new friend week! My school has this week because one of the easiest ways teens can make a difference is by befriending a lonely student. I have kind of a big personality, so it's in my nature to reach out to lonely students; I find it fun and exciting! If you feel the same way, you should try to get to know someone at your school who seems lonely or unhappy. You never know, you may be just the type of person they need in their life at that moment! You'll be making a huge difference in one person's life, which provides an unmatched feeling of personal satisfaction.

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