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Regardless of your age, it's important to look for ways to bond with your parents. I must admit that my relationship with my parents hasn’t always been smooth, but I believe it’s because I’ve always taken it for granted that they would be good to me. Now that it’s hitting that my parents will not be around one day, my relationship with them has never been better. None of the below is unprecedented, but here there are effective ways to bond with your parents.

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Family Album

Looking at the family album together is among the sweetest ways to bond with your parents. My sister and I have an album each and I never get tired of flipping it once in a while and showing my favorite pictures to my parents and asking if they remember those moments of my childhood. Try selecting a few pictures of when you were a kid and sit with your parents. I bet they will love this idea and you will all have a great laugh.


Watching Sports

The TV is always on at my house but it’s just a gathering excuse because no one really cares about what’s screening. But if there is a program that makes my family squeeze into a sofa, it is definitely the World Cup or the Olympics. Our most recent experience was watching the figure-skating presentations in Sochi. My parents and I had a great time guessing the rankings and we actually guessed all right!



It might sound obvious but there are families that never sit together at the dining table even when everybody’s home. Establishing a fixed time for dinner can help you bond with your parents. My dad has always demanded we had dinner together every single day and when I was a child I hated that because I wanted to watch TV instead. Today I am really grateful that we can have a nice meal while telling each other how was the day.


Day at the Park

Even though my family and I don’t go to the park often, when we actually go, we certainly have an amazing time. Going to the park is refreshing, healthy and entertaining. Every time I go to the park with my parents we do different things, such as walk the dog, watch people play sports, jog, ide bikes and even visit the museums within the park.


Asking for Advice

I always seek for my parents’ advice and although most of the times our ideas are opposite, I feel good sharing my life with them. I admit that it wasn’t as simple as it is now but the entire process has been nurturing and maturing. Remember that no one knows you better than your parents and sometimes we need to listen to the truth. Our parents will never say something to hurt us on purpose. Also, they will love to know that you care about their opinion.


Road Trip

I guess this is the perfect bonding occasion. Because road trips can take hours depending on the destination, you and your parents will spend loads of time together. Many people would freak out just by the idea of being confined in a car with their parents, but arguing is also bonding and one day you will miss those moments.


Taking Care of a Pet

This one didn't come to me that obvious but I've just realized how that contributed to my family's good relationship. Truth is that my sister and I have always wanted to have a dog in the apartment and my parents were always against it. Long story short, we adopted a dog last year and since then our home is full of harmony and love. We share duties, responsibilities and consequently spend more time together.

These are some ways to bond with your parents that I actually practice and have been working for me. Obviously there are many other ways and each family has its own way to bond. Sometimes even peculiar but it doesn’t matter. How do you bond with your parents?

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