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When you’re trying to do your best in a class, it helps to have tips for writing a perfect essay. Even if writing isn’t your strong suit, you can create something that any teacher will be impressed by. It’s really not as difficult and daunting as it seems. The next time you have an assignment, follow these tips for writing a perfect essay:

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Save Intro for Last

Since the introduction is the first part of your essay, it seems natural to write it first. However, your introduction is going to consist of your thesis, which sums up what your entire essay is about. It’s easiest to write the body paragraphs of your essay first, and then go back to write your introduction. Once the meat of the essay is written, it’ll be easy to create a proper introduction that accurately explains what your essay is about. One of the most important tips for writing a perfect essay is that you don’t have to write it in order.


Ignore Page Count

Most teachers tell you how many pages your essay should be. When you’re constantly checking how many words you’ve written, it can distract you from the content. Try to write as much as you can about a topic without focusing on the page count. If it helps, write your essay in a smaller font or single spaced, so when you properly format your essay later, you’ll be surprised by how much you’ve written.


Don't Underestimate Outlines

Most people don’t create outlines unless they’re asked to do so. However, outlines can help you organize your essay and stop you from repeating yourself. If your teacher isn’t going to collect an outline, then you can write it in whatever way you’d like. If it’s easiest to draw something out, go for it! Everyone learns in different ways, so don’t be afraid to try something new.


Turn the Internet off

When you’re doing homework, it’s easy to get distracted. Your phone will vibrate, and notifications will pop up on your computer screen. If you don’t need the internet to research a topic, then turn off your computer’s connection to the wifi. That way, you won’t be able to ‘quickly’ check Tumblr or chat with your friends. The less distractions, the better.


Know Your Material

If you’re writing an essay based off of facts you learned in class, it’s essential to pay attention in that class. You may be writing your essay at home, but the things you learned in class are still important. You can’t write about a topic that you’re clueless about. If you zoned out in class, don’t think that a good grade is impossible. Use the magic of the internet to do research.


Know How to Format

You could write an essay that has perfect grammar and a perfect argument, but it gets a bad grade, because it’s written in the wrong format. If your teacher tells you to use MLA format, make sure you know what that entails. Create a proper heading, and include a Works Cited page if required. Check out owl.english.purdue.edu if you need help with MLA or APA.


Read and Edit It

This seems ridiculously simple, but it’s something that most people skip. When you finish writing, you’re relieved. You don’t want to go back and edit. You just want to save the document and print it out. However, you can catch tons of mistakes by rereading what you’ve written. Editing isn’t as horrible as it seems, and it can turn an iffy paper into an A paper.

Even if you have trouble writing, you can sharpen your skills and get great grades. Do you have trouble writing essays? If you’re already a pro, do you have any additional advice on how to ace a class?

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This helped me a lot! Thanks!

Rubbish advice


N always helpful. I have an exam tomorrow with an essay

Cool! Next time I have an English assignment I will look this over again!

always look over all the information you have learnt about the subject and make sure youre in a quiet environment. i usually put all electronics downstairs as i have to write by hand.

Really helpful!!

This will really help me

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