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When your teacher assigns a class presentation or your boss asks you to speak for the company, you should use the following tips for public speaking. Most people are terrified of giving a speech in front of a crowd. If you’re worried about stumbling over your words or making a fool of yourself, use these tips for public speaking:

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Know Your Stuff

Plan out exactly what you’re going to say. You’ll be less stressed if you’ve thought of everything ahead of time. If memorization isn’t your strong suit, jot down a few points on an index card. That way, you won’t have to remember any specific lines. You can just glance down at the topic and talk about it. One of the most important tips for public speaking is to know what you’re talking about. Going in blind will only end in disaster.


Practice Makes Perfect

Start small. Practice your speech in front of a mirror. Once you’re able to ace that, gather a group of friends or family members together and repeat it for them. The more you practice what you’re going to say, even inside of your head, the easier it’ll be to speak when the moment arrives.


Address Your Audience

If you want to make a strong argument, remember whom you’re addressing. You wouldn’t convince your mom of the reasons you deserve a later curfew in the same way you’d convince your friends of it. You speak differently to different groups of people, so be aware of whom your audience is. Also, make sure that you look around the room as you're speaking. Don’t focus on a single person, and never stare at the ground.


Speak Slowly

If you want your audience to absorb your words, you can’t rush through your points. If you speak too quickly, then it’ll be difficult for anyone to get a grasp of what you’re saying. You might feel like being speedy is your best option, because it means that you’ll get the event over with faster, however, you won’t get the right reactions if you rush through everything.


Create Confidence

Even if you feel sick as you step on stage, you can pretend that you’re confident. As long as you look the part, no one will know how you’re feeling internally. Everyone realizes how scary it is to speak in front of crowds, so don’t assume that they’re all judging you harshly. Take a few deep breaths, try to relax, and give the speech of a lifetime.


Stand Straight

Your words aren’t the only thing that people will pay attention to. They’re also going to be looking at your body language. You don’t want to slouch or fidget with your hands. You don’t want to make funny faces or look angry. If you want to give a successful speech, you need to present yourself as professionally as possible.


Dress to Impress

If you’re going to stand in front of a crowd, you want to look good. By wearing something that you’re comfortable in, it’ll help raise your confidence. Even if you manage to ruin your speech, at least you’ll look good. There’s always a silver lining.

Public speaking is nerve-wracking. What do you do to calm down before getting up in front of a crowd?

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Amazing ideas! Public speaking is a big challenge for everyone. It needs lots of preparation and practice!

i love giving speeches and talks, etc, but i have this uncontrollable shaking shivering problem =( I dont know what to do

Shocks! This is my main problem.

I have to take a speech class but I chickened out so I dropped it lol. But I need to take it sooner or later!!

I'm absolutely terrified to speak in front of my class. My voice cracks so much :(

I always pinch my wrist on the way up. Gives a big enough rush of adrenaline to get you through. Watch politicians, etc get up to talk, they always adjust their sleeve or watch, they are actually most of the time pinching themselves

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