7 Tips for Talking in Class if You're Super Shy ...


If you're not comfortable raising your hand, but you're worried about your participation grade, you'll need tips for talking in class. It can be nerve-wracking to speak to a room full of your peers, but nothing bad will happen. Even if you embarrass yourself, your classmates will forget about whatever you said by the time the bell rings. If you want to speak up more, then you should try to follow these tips for talking in class:

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When You Know It, Show It

It's better to raise your hand when you know an answer than it is to be randomly called on when you're not sure what's going on. If you know the answer to a question, participate now, because it'll lower the chances of the teacher calling on you later. One of the most helpful tips for talking in class is to do it when you're positive you're correct, because then you won't be embarrassed.


Can't Keep Caring

Even if you say the wrong answer, does it matter? Most of the time, your classmates are just as confused as you are. If they're rude and make fun of you for your answer, then they'll look like the silly ones. No one likes a bully.


Flee to a Friend

Don't think about your crush while your hand is raised, because it'll only make you sweat more. If you have a friend in the class, look at them while you're talking. If you act like you're just having a discussion with your buddy, then you'll be less nervous. That's what friends are for, after all!


Ears Open to Others

No one is going to speak flawlessly in class. Pay attention to your fellow students, and listen to how often they stumble over their words or give the wrong answer. They're not as smart as you think they are, so don't put everyone else on a pedestal. They're just like you.


Prepare and Plan Ahead

If you're not good at thinking on the spot, jot down some notes about the subject you're learning, or write down what you want to say ahead of time. Once you're in the same class for a few weeks, you should get to know the teacher's style and guess what kind of questions they're going to ask before they actually ask them.


Create Confidence

Confidence is an important trait to have, whether you're speaking in class or strutting down the street. Every morning, think about how amazing you are. You don't have to get cocky, just get confident. Once you realize how special you are, you'll find it easier to talk in public places.


Talk to the Teacher

Teachers aren't aiming to ruin your life. If you're uncomfortable speaking in class, talk to your teacher about it and see if there's another way to raise your participation grade. Some teachers will offer alternate assignments, so you won't have to talk at all. Instead, they might let you write an essay or answer a few short questions in order to see that you're actually paying attention.

If you're not comfortable speaking in class, you should try to speak up little by little. No one expects you to be silent one day and a chatterbox the next. Are you quiet in class, or do you raise your hand for every question?

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I'm really shy. Sometimes I wish I wasn't

I am too. I wish this advice existed when I went to school. Maybe I'll try it in college. I'm taking a year off of school by the way.

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