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Since for most teens life is not a playground - it’s a jungle - here are a few tips on how to be a successful teenager. Everyone wants to succeed in their life and even as a teenager it’s not so hard to achieve this goal. The life of a teen is full of tough issues and life-changing decisions, so to help you in your journey, here are a few very important tips on how to be a successful teenager that you should consider:

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Do Well in School

One of the most important tips on how to be a successful teenager I could give you is to advise you to try to always do well in school. Even though there may be some things that may not interest you that much, education will help you be a productive and a reliable member in society. So always try to do your best, strive for excellence in school and get good grades, because this will enable you to get into a better college or university.


Be Yourself

Always be yourself, even though others may not agree with you (and here I’m not talking about your parents, I’m pointing the finger at your friends or classmates). Be confident, believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities. Do what’s good for you and for your loved ones and work hard to reach all your goals. Don’t give up and do everything in your power to fulfill all your dreams!


Don’t Take Drugs!

Never and I mean NEVER take drugs! No matter what your friends tell you, this is definitely one of the things you will regret doing later in your life. Even though peer pressure can be overwhelming sometimes, try to do what’s best for you, for your health and for your future. Stay away from any trouble and simply say no to drugs!


Do Good in Your Community

If you want to be a successful teenager, you should try to do more good in your community. A lot of studies have shown that volunteering can make you feel happier, it can improve your self-esteem and it can boost your self-confidence. Try to find volunteer opportunities that interest you; for example, if you love children, you could volunteer at your local library, if you love animals, you could volunteer at an animal shelter and so on.


Figure out Your Goals in Life

One of the main concerns of your teen years should be figuring out what you want to achieve in life. Just start thinking about careers you would like to be in, but take into account your skills, your talents, your interests and your strengths. Once you’ll know what you want to do with your life, start working towards reaching those goals. Just challenge yourself and I’m sure you’ll be surprised by how much you can accomplish.


Be Nice!

Always be nice to everyone around you! Respect your parents, your teachers and your friends; value their opinion and learn how to act in a more assertive manner. Just remember that your parents or your teachers only want what’s best for you and sometimes, they must punish you, so you’ll be able to learn a certain lesson that you will find to be very useful later in your life.


Have Good Friends!

In order to be a successful teenager, you should also have good friends who will help you out. Surround yourself with positive, optimistic and inspiring people and get rid of the ones who always bring you down. Don’t waste your time with those toxic friends and create a group of loving and supportive friends who will help you succeed in life and live your dreams.

Being a teen can be difficult sometimes, but if you make some smart choices and if you stand up to peer pressure, you’ll be able to have the best time of your life. Do you know any other tips on how to be a successful teenager? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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