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7 Tips for Managing Stress during Finals Week ...

By Sabrina

We all know it's coming, that terrifying time every teen must endure, but before you run and hide, you should know that there are plenty of ways to manage stress during finals week! There, I said it, finals week! But those two words won't scare you nearly as much when you read them again at the end of this article, once you've learned a few tips and tricks for managing stress during finals week.

1 Study Weeks in Advance

The key to performing well on your finals is, of course, studying. But the key to managing stress during finals week is to study for your tests weeks in advance. If you begin studying today, as the date creeps closer and closer you won't be so terrified! Rather, you'll feel confident in your ability to earn high scores on all of your tests and will be able to rest easy the days before your final.

2 Make a Study Group

Study groups are great for a number of reasons. First, when you stress with others, it's always less stressful! Unless you have a truly paranoid member, complaining about finals with your friends can lead to laughter and a lighter mood toward the whole situation. Once you've all loosened up, you can study together. Remember, two or three brains are always better than one! Because your strength might be someone else's weakness and vice versa, sometimes you need others to succeed. Lastly, when it's down to the wire and you're in panic mode, your study buddies will restore your confidence and relieve your stress.

3 Ask for Extra Credit

Some teachers have a strict no extra credit policies, but if you walk in during their office hours with some puppy dog eyes and a sincere pout, you might be able to get them to sway a little bit! I'm not saying you should deceive your teachers; but if you are genuinely scared for your grade, don't be afraid to ask for some extra credit! Extra credit can create a safety net for your grade and grant you some peace of mind as you frantically prepare for finals.

4 Meditate/ Pray

If you're a spiritual person, I can't emphasize enough how much meditating or praying can help with your stress level during finals! Prayer places your issue into the hands of a higher power, which means you don't even have to stress! Meditation on the other hand, strengthens your personal spirit so that you can live in a more positive mindset and avoid stress. Do one or both and you'll have a much healthier mentality going into finals week!

5 Make Time for Fun

I have so many friends who are too smart and hard working for their own good! They literally study themselves sick, because they neglect sleep and worry too much. That isn't healthy, and ultimately leads to more stress! So make sure you make time for fun; go out on the weekends, binge-watch Netflix on the once in a while, exercise and get enough sleep so that your body and mind are healthy during finals week!

6 Study YOUR Way

I wish I could tell you the best way to study; a one size fits all method that would guarantee you an A! But unfortunately, that isn't a thing. Everyone is different, and you need to discover a study method that works best for your learning style. Whether it's flashcards, taking notes, or teaching someone else, find a study method that works for you and stick with it until you feel prepared enough that you don't need to stress.

7 Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

Finally, it's difficult to balance work, extra-curricular activities, sports, and fun when you're trying to succeed on all of your finals. Make sure you don't spread yourself too thin when you're preparing for finals; consider dropping a few things from your plate to focus more of your energy on school. That way, you won't stress on succeeding in too many things.

Now that you know how to manage stress during finals week, the upcoming testing season isn't such a scary thought right? The key is to stay focused, balance your schedule, and allow yourself time to prepare yourself for all upcoming exams. Then, there's really no reason to stress! How do you manage your stress during finals week?

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