7 Tips for Managing Stress during Finals Week ...


We all know it's coming, that terrifying time every teen must endure, but before you run and hide, you should know that there are plenty of ways to manage stress during finals week! There, I said it, finals week! But those two words won't scare you nearly as much when you read them again at the end of this article, once you've learned a few tips and tricks for managing stress during finals week.

1. Study Weeks in Advance

The key to performing well on your finals is, of course, studying. But the key to managing stress during finals week is to study for your tests weeks in advance. If you begin studying today, as the date creeps closer and closer you won't be so terrified! Rather, you'll feel confident in your ability to earn high scores on all of your tests and will be able to rest easy the days before your final.

Make a Study Group
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