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7 Tips for Having the Time of Your Life at Prom ...

By Holly

Prom is one of the biggest events in high school, which is why you need tips for having the time of your life. Years from now, you’ll be talking about the big dance. You want to have a good story, don’t you? Here are some tips for having the time of your life:

1 Put Your Friends First

entertainment, performance, performing arts, dance, performance art, Don’t isolate yourself. If you have a date, don’t forget about spending time with your friends. This night is meant as a social event, which means you should mingle. One of the biggest tips for having the time of your life is to walk around, and talk to as many friends as you can. Don’t hide behind one person for the entire night, or you’ll miss out on tons of fun.

2 Dance, Dance

entertainment, event, performance art, stage, performing arts, High school kids can be brutal, but during prom, no one cares how silly you look when you dance. Everyone wants to enjoy the night as much as you do. They’re focused on their own lives. There’s no reason to avoid the dance floor when your favorite song comes on. Get up there, and shake your stuff!

3 Don’t do Drama

hair, human hair color, blond, girl, performance, There are always going to be issues during a big event, but you don’t have to let them get to you. If your ex showed up looking gorgeous with another girl on his arm, ignore him. You can deal with him tomorrow, because tonight your goal is to have fun! Don’t worry about the things that normally bother you. You deserve one night of pure pleasure.

4 Be Careful with the Camera

entertainment, event, performance, stage, song, People can go overboard with their prom photos. While it’s important to take snapshots to remember the occasion, you don’t want to be so obsessed with your camera that you forget to live in the moment. As long as you get a few pictures with each of your close friends, your job is done. You don’t have to live through a camera lens.

5 Wear Semi-Comfortable Clothes

event, tradition, ceremony, performance, song, Obviously, you’re not going to show up in jeans and a tee-shirt. However, you should try to pick a dress that isn’t unbearably uncomfortable. You don’t want a strapless dress that you can’t dance in, because you’re worried about having a fashion mishap. You don’t want to wear shoes that you can’t walk across a floor while wearing. You can still look fabulous, while being somewhat convenient.

6 Get Your Money's Worth

entertainment, event, performance, dance, audience, It’s expensive to attend prom. You have to pay for a new dress, jewelry, a limo, and the dance itself. Since you (or your parents) are willing to spend so much money on the occasion, don’t leave early. Many people are eager to get to the after-party, and bolt before the final songs are played. If you splurged for the day, you might as well stay to get your money’s worth.

7 Plan an after Prom

audience, event, crowd, interaction, ceremony, The fun doesn’t stop once prom is over, because it’s time for after prom. This doesn’t mean that you should rent a house to get drunk in. After all, you want to remember the night when you wake up the next day. Instead, go bowling or see a midnight movie. As long as you're with your friends, you know it’ll be a blast.

When you’re around people you love, good times will follow. Make sure you stick with your pals, and the night will be as wonderful as you've always imagined. Are you attending prom with a date or with a group of your girls?

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