7 Things You Don't Have to Worry about when You Are with Your Best Friend ...


When you are with your best friend, you are your true self. There is no need for you to make a good impression and there is no discomfort, so you can essentially say and do whatever comes to mind! It is a really liberating feeling to have at least one person outside of your family who understands the real you and can tell what is running through your head just by looking at you. Good friends are hard to find and once you do find them, you should never let go. After all, when you are with your best friend or friends, there is very little to worry about.

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The Opinion of Others

When you are in your inner circle, suddenly the outside environment doesn’t matter. You no longer care what other people might think of you and you get the courage to do bold things when you are with your best friend. The strange looks that you might get from others suddenly don’t bother you and that is probably because there is strength in numbers! No wonder we always end up doing something wild when with friends.


Your Appearance

No matter where you are or what you are doing, your appearance doesn’t take priority when you are surrounded by friends. They have seen you at your worst and at your best; therefore there is really no use in trying to outdo yourself every time you see each other. That makes things a million times more comfortable since you can dress depending on your mood.


Your Relationship Status

It is human nature to earn for love and protection, which is why it is normal to fantasize about perfect romantic relationships. Sometimes, those fantasies lead to periods of sadness since fantasies are just figments of your imagination. However when you are with your best friend, your romantic life is put on hold and none of it really bothers you. Friend love can always replace romantic love!


Family Problems

True friends are always there for you even when things with your family are not so peachy. They can take your mind off things that have to do with your family business and allow you to take a break from what is happening at home. Ever noticed how much calmer and level-headed you are after spending time with friends?


Running Low on Cash

Does your heart ever skip a beat when for example you are about to purchase lunch and you are short of a couple of dollars? Well it should if you are alone because unfortunately you will have to starve for a little while, unless of course your best friend is there when you need him or her the most. Borrowing a few dollars from a friend is never a problem and it feels good when friends have your back even in the most insignificant moments such as this.


Embarrassing Yourself

I don’t think anyone has mastered the perfect way to play off an awkward situation when you embarrass yourself. No matter how many times you face social awkwardness, it is as if it is your first time encountering this problem. However with your best friends by your side social embarrassment is not a big deal. Yes, they might laugh at you and crack a few jokes, but it’s all with love!


Quiet Pauses in between Conversations

Sometimes talking to acquaintances or just unfamiliar individuals in general can be a great struggle. After discussing a few topics and making small talk, eventually you run out of things to say and awkward pauses just become extremely unbearable. However everything is different with friends, sometimes you just sit there in silence and there is no awkwardness or tension at all! There is no need to worry about what other topic to bring up or how to avoid awkward pauses.

While best friends are there when we need them most, they also minimize our worries without any purposeful intentions. Being in a circle of people who get you is just priceless. What are some other things you don’t have to worry about when you are with your best friend?

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Me and my best friend never have quite pauses lol

I like the post even though I don't have a best friend.

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